• Since the birth of the Magic Land, all the creatures surviving in the land have been in the protection of Odin. And Odin blessed the humans in order to make them live in the land peacefully and happily. However, devils deserted by God are still surviving under the earth. They desire to recapture the control [...]

  • Magic calendar—1003
    The dream which had been achieved and shattered made a halt in the past winter. The humans finally could welcome the brightness with the painful wait. After thirty years, the people wore smile and took off their heavy clothes. They salute the coming of the awakening spring and the celebration of three thousand years.
    Though [...]

  • What is MWO3.0-ManualUpdate?
    Magic World  patch MWO3.0-ManualUpdate contains the pics and other resources of new maps, new monsters and new items which will be used in the Magic World Nirvana V3.0.
    How to Manually Download and Install MWO3.0-ManualUpdate?
    1. Download the patch below and save it under your “Magic World Online” game folder.
    2. Double click the Patch File [...]

  • After the 3000 years great ceremony in Magic World, it comes the 5th anniversary of MMOSite. To celebrate this big party, we will cooperate with MMOSite to send out a lot of great items to players.
    1 top prize, 9 medium prizes and 20 primary prizes will be awarded to the players who win the flash [...]

  • We’re going to do an overall router update to all Ingle Games’ servers (including the servers for games, official websites and official forums) From PDT 00:00 to 05:00 on June 13th to reduce the delay between our players and the servers. Magic World servers are also included.
    During the 5 hours, the connection to server Bitcomet [...]

  • Magic Hero Calendar 1070
    When shrouded in the air of death from Dark Night Devil, the humans in Dynasty and Empire were driven to desperation. At that time human beings chose to ignore the hostility between each other and joined hands together temporarily to look for their place to stay alive. In the end, they found [...]

  • All of the creatures inhabiting the Magic Land do so safely under the protection of Odin. Human beings live peacefully and happily with the blessing of the Gods. But an ancient war destroyed the original life in the Magic Land. Luckily, the arrival of Deva brought the land temporary peace.
    Sadly, a more fierce war afterward [...]

  • A lot of players leveled a lot in the past 2 weeks! Some of them fell behind, some moved into the top list of the server.
    On 23:59 May 31st, all top players are calculated to the last number of their EXP. Now let’s applaud to these top 5 highest level players in each server. They [...]

  • The Magic World online 2.0 has been released about 1 year. In the 2.0 Rejuvenation, level 80 is no longer the end of the adventure, but only the beginning to the dark history in Magic World. After a whole year’s fighting, more and more players have grown enough to meet the challenge in Magic World [...]

  • Alarm! Alarm! Giant Eagles break out the prison. I repeat, large amount of Giant Eagles break out the prison! This is not a drill. They were sentenced to prison because of robbery, so the precious eagle treasure boxes must be carried with them. There is no time left. We must go out to take them [...]

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