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  • With the release of Speed Stone, players will have chances to add more IAS attributes on your equipments.
    But the total IAS attributes must be kept within bounds. Players can click ‘Help’ button to check your IAS Value.

    What is IAS Value?
    IAS Value is a reflection of attack speed, numerically indicating the consuming time of your attack. [...]

  • Since the birth of the Magic Land, all the creatures surviving in the land have been in the protection of Odin. And Odin blessed the humans in order to make them live in the land peacefully and happily. However, devils deserted by God are still surviving under the earth. They desire to recapture the control [...]

  • Magic calendar—1003
    The dream which had been achieved and shattered made a halt in the past winter. The humans finally could welcome the brightness with the painful wait. After thirty years, the people wore smile and took off their heavy clothes. They salute the coming of the awakening spring and the celebration of three thousand years.
    Though [...]

  • Magic Hero Calendar 1070
    When shrouded in the air of death from Dark Night Devil, the humans in Dynasty and Empire were driven to desperation. At that time human beings chose to ignore the hostility between each other and joined hands together temporarily to look for their place to stay alive. In the end, they found [...]

  • All of the creatures inhabiting the Magic Land do so safely under the protection of Odin. Human beings live peacefully and happily with the blessing of the Gods. But an ancient war destroyed the original life in the Magic Land. Luckily, the arrival of Deva brought the land temporary peace.
    Sadly, a more fierce war afterward [...]

  • You’re so tired of seeing your gears only have one or two attributes? Why do other players have the same equipment but fight better than you? The secret is that although you have the same gears, they have more attributes on the equipment. So how do they have these fantastic attributes like Dodge, Leech, Agility [...]

  • Are you feeling mad about being hacked, scammed and cheated? Of course, who wants to be fool around and let his valuable items get stolen in the game. However, no matter what, hacking and scamming seems like inevitably doomed to happen once in a while. It’s not because players are not so clever but because [...]

  • Magic World Online has been successfully run for a whole year under the support of all players. In the past year, we have fixed a lot of bugs and made varieties of activities to make every one enjoy in this game.
    Now, at the point of the official launch of MWO, the bonus of each Platinum [...]

  • 1.Lower the equipment drop rate when character died
    2.New System: Hammering Eggs
    3.Adjust the list of lv 45 everyday prize
    4.Fix the bot in Ice Mountain and Bog
    5.New Map: Dark Fort Illusion. Get in by the Battle Frontline Officer in golden plain.
    6.Compose Deva Armor and Weapon at Blacksmith in Sky City or Sun City
    7.Increase the success rate on [...]

  • Do you wonder how to get familiar with the map? Do you wonder how to make yourself invincible? Do you wonder how to make it through smoothly? Here is our guide for you:

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