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  • When the last devil was killed by our hero, the Dark Fort began to collapse. At the same time, a secret illusion space appeared. What is it? The sage said the Dark Fort Illusion was always hiding itself in the gap of space. Due to the real Dark Fort was broken, the Illusion came to [...]

  • Lucky Hammer is a new system offering extra prizes for players in Magic World Online.

  • Since Magic World Online is a totally free-to-play game, there are many ways in game that players can receive a lot of free items. You may wonder how and where to get these freebies. In order to help refresh your memory, we made this Free Gift Summary for you.
    A. Everyone can get free platinum when [...]

  • Does your growing weapon get capped at a certain level? Now it is time for you to bring them an exciting new life!
    As is generally acknowledged, the personified growing weapon in Magic World Online can upgrade through stages and stages like an outstanding athlete. However, it is always great pity as well as inevitable to [...]

  • “By guildmates’ combined efforts, constructions across the guild are prospering”

  • Dear People,
        You (REALLY) should (PLAY) this game and it’s really fun. It has mermaid, turtles, wolfs,etc. You kill them with weapon’s  and it has to be you level. There are potions to help you to heal your health. The red bar means your health like blood and the blue bars means you run out [...]

  • Guild wars can be made against guilds in the same country or the opposing one. U need to buy the Guild War Proclamation from the mall (it costs 10 plats) then chose a guild u want to guild war with. When u do that, the guild president of the other guild will receive a demand [...]

  • From an economic point of view, the prices of legend armors should drop when the market becomes full of them. If you need an example: golden dream rings cost 3.5M gold when they first came out, but now you can get one only for 300 - 450k. The same thing happened with fantastic powder: as it first came [...]

  • In the remote ancient war between Gods and Devils, countless souls of innocent Humans were lost. Gods’ Super Corps were also defeated by Death Legion, with their Gold Gear taken by Zodiac Masters who were only subordinate to Lucifer, Head of Devils. At last, it was Odin, King of Gods who managed to exchange his [...]

  • The spacious MagicLand is far beyond the control of Humans. There are still so many perilous places need to be explored, with some even unreachable sites. Aside from that, far away from the coastline of Magocean and Armed Coast lies the vast sea area and the mysterious scattered islands which are still unknown to Humans. [...]

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