• As we know, we have different time periods of State War for USA players and European players. Our players are divided into two parts to attend different State War. To increase the cooperation of USA players and European players in State War and reactivate the great part of MWO, we decide to adjust the time [...]

  • Compensation


    Due to the change of personnel, our GMs had an increased workload in the course of handing over jobs, which caused us to put less attention to our game and players in this month than before. Truly sorry for that, so we plan to hold the event of double-exp for four days as the compensation. Everything [...]

  • We are so grateful that the players keep supporting us ,regardless of the unexpected bug on the child tiger mounts. To extend  our gratitude , we decide to give 33% dicount on the blessed Pack for two more weeks, so our players will still have that discount till the server maintenance at GMT-8 05:00 April [...]

  • Dear players,
    We are sorry about the situation that players suffered a lot due to the bug on the child mount tigers.
    Here is the compensation method:
    1. For those who’ve already got awesome leech or other desired stats on the child mount tigers or adult tigers, the socket for pet amulets on the child mount tigers / [...]

  • Dear players,
    We are sorry about the bug on the child tiger mounts  and now the bug has been fixed , please refer to the latest announcement for compensation.
    MWO Team

  • With the coming of MWO v3.1 and April Fool’s Day , we are going to hold the following events to celebrate this moment:
    1.Be a Prime Tiger Hunter
    From GMT-8 23:00 March 28, 2012 after the server maintenance to GMT-8 23:00 April 25, 2012, you will have the chance to get tiger paw from any one of [...]

  • After weeks preparation, we are glad to announce that MWO v3.1 will be released at GMT-8 23:00 , March 28, 2012, right after the server maintenance!
    All you need to do is to simply double click the shortcut of Magic World Online on your desktop or run mwo.exe in your game folder and the auto update [...]

  • Maybe you guys already noticed the new map in the previous preview. Guess what? The Emerald Island is opening soon! Check this out!
    Mini Map:

    Mobs and Boss:
    Emerald Protector
    The guardian of Emerald Island with angel’s appearance.

    Karame Hunter
    A furious ranged monster which serves the lord of Emerald Island.

    Dark Slayer,the Elf Knight(Boss)
    Lord of [...]

  • Have you been feed up with looking at the mounts like Coredragons, Goldenphoenix, Unicorns? We’ve got a good news for you that the we are going to have new members in the mount family, the new Tiger mounts! Let’s take a look at these awesome mounts.

    After seeing the pictures, i guess you guys [...]

  • Here is goes the event rules:
    We’ll count your total payment since June 1 , for each $300 mark you hit, you will get a prize and you can pick one from the prize list.Still no idea how this event works? Click here to see the details. 
    Prize List:
    Prize A: 2x God Cultivated Gem (Leech/Skill Attack/Critical [...]

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