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  • Dear players,
    We are sorry about the situation that players suffered a lot due to the bug on the child mount tigers.
    Here is the compensation method:
    1. For those who’ve already got awesome leech or other desired stats on the child mount tigers or adult tigers, the socket for pet amulets on the child mount tigers / [...]

  • Dear players,
    We are sorry about the bug on the child tiger mounts  and now the bug has been fixed , please refer to the latest announcement for compensation.
    MWO Team

  • After weeks preparation, we are glad to announce that MWO v3.1 will be released at GMT-8 23:00 , March 28, 2012, right after the server maintenance!
    All you need to do is to simply double click the shortcut of Magic World Online on your desktop or run mwo.exe in your game folder and the auto update [...]

  • Dear players, the server maintenance this week will be put on Thursday , Feb 23 at 23:00 PST .All the servers will be rebooted and down for about 15 minutes. Please log off before the maintenance starts. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.
    MWO Team

  • Dear players,
    We experienced an unexpected connection problem just now and we are trying to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    The scheduled server maintenance will be advanced from GMT-8 00:00, Dec 8 to GMT-8 20:00, Dec 7
    The state war will be restarted when the servers are back to normal.Please keep an eye on the official site.
    Update:  [...]

    1.More guards have been added around the spawn point of each side in the state war.
    2.Teleport items like mnemonic symbols , friendship wings are no longer functional in the state war.
    3.Transmutation Stones are no longer functional in the state war.

  • Howdy!
    I guess most of the players have already noticed that there was a State War on last Wednesday and we are glad to tell you that it will be like that since then.So you will have 2 state wars a week, one for Euro Time (19:00, GMT+1) and one for U.S Time (19:00, GMT-8). [...]

  • Details:
    1.Some guards have been placed in the uptown.
    2.God tear and Call-up of gods can be composed in the Moonlight Box now.
    3.Updates for the Halloween Events.
    MWO Team

  • Since the last update , we have seen players working hard on their gears but we also see that some players ignored the warnings and cheated in the state war. Once again we’d like to say that the behavior that one farms the glory with alts is considered as cheat in the state war and [...]

  • Dear Players,
    Recently we heard some rumors from players saying that MWO is going to close down, which is not true.  Please be assured that we have no plan to shut down MWO severs!
    The rumor is from Frogster, a German Company, clearly, this is a promotion approach Gamescom Frogster adopts to steal players from MWO to [...]

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