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  • With an aim to extend our gratitude to our platinum customers, we plan to hold a long term event on the occasion of MWO 3rd Anniversary.
    From 00:00 AM 1st Jun,2011 (GMT-8), players who purchase platinum points for every 300 USD, will get an extra prize in current month.

    For each of your account which has charged [...]

  • Dear players,
    Owing to the minor problem in our engine room , the server condition in Bitcomet I and Bitcomet II will be unstable  that may cause much disconnection or log-in failure in the later few hours.
    Sorry for the trouble. We will soon fix it in no time!

  • Updates:
    I. The April Fool’s Quest is removed from the NPC.
    II. The script error in Plague Shadow(Empire) is fixed up.
    III. Transmutation Stones cannot  be used in some neutral maps.

    MWO Team

  • Dear players,
    Recently, an illegal trick was revealed in the game that players can suddenly disappear and then reappear nearby within seconds , not as players using the disappearance or stealth skill.
    Although this functions as a legal method, it still posts a big confusion to other players. In this case, we will decide to stick a pin in the game that players using this [...]

  • Update:
    April Fool Event Quests have been added. Click here to see the details.
    MWO Team

  • Dear players,
    We will continue to use Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) as server time. You could grab server time on the left up the page of MWO website.

    If you have any other questions, you could contact us via .
    MWO Team

  • Updates:
    1. Title Deed Lv3 and Title Deed Lv4 are newly added to MWO Mall, which can also be combined in Moonlight Box.
    2. Staff for Black Dragon Leader and Staff of Fort Transportation can be combined in Moonlight Box.
    3. The SBs drop rate in Wailing Stronghold and Fort Battlefield Instance is slightly increased.
    Patch to be updated after [...]

  • Dear Players,
    Due to some unexpected errors, the state war didn’t start normally. Please accept our sincere apology and the problem will be fixed soon.As a compensation, a 3-day double EXP event from 00:00, Feb 18 (PST) to 00:00, Feb 21 (PST) will be launched.
    Sorry again for the troubles.
    MWO Team

  • The annual Chinese Lunar New Year coming, we will flock back to our nest to reunite with dear parents and friends to celebrate the New Year of 2011.

    Sorry for the short leave on Chinese Lunar New Year. MWO Team is unable to take full care of you during Lunar New Year holidays from 2010-02-2 to [...]

  • The new patch will be released at 00:00:00 PST on Jan 27,2011.
    1. Rebound and Penetration Stone release
    a. Add drop rate of Penetration Stone (S) to some bosses (Already released)
    b. Rebound Stone and Penetration Stone can be exchanged at Mysterious Beggar
    c. Two Rebound Stone III or Penetration Stone III can be exchanged for [...]

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