Game Announcements

  • A.Xmas discount packages have been removed from the mall.

  • Dear players,
    MWO websites including forum, and payment links will be shut down for a 7-8 hrs maintenance.The maintenance starts at 18:00 Jan.4, 2011 (PST). Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Please contact us via  whatever you have any questions.
    MWO Team

  • To ensure a better connection for server Bitcomet I and Bitcomet II, we will make a minor wiring readjustment and data conversion at 23:00 PM Dec.12, 2010 (PST). The temporary maintenance is expected to take about 3 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    PS: Please don’t forget to update by clicking the “mwo.exe” in your game folder after maintenance.
    MWO Team

  • A.  Detail the description on Attribute Remover and Perforating Crystal.
    B.  Add some coordinates of the high level living materials at the Production Principal.

  • We’re going to do an overall router update to all Ingle Games’ servers (including the servers for games, official websites and official forums) From 22:00 Nov. 12 to 03:00 Nov. 13 (PST) to reduce the delay between our players and the servers. Magic World servers are also included.
    During the 5 hours, the connection to server [...]

  • Dear MWOers,
    The pretty snowflakes blow the Pacific Daylight Time away. From 2010-11-07, the Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) will be reset to Pacific Standard Time (PST). But for Magic World Online, we will switch from Pacific Standard Time to Pacific Daylight Time 3 days ahead and start the PST from 2010-11-04.
    Be aware of the alteration of [...]

  • a. Mind Devil, the Spirit Terminator (Boss), the boss of World Arena, is strengthened.
    b. The needed amount of Rare Purple Diamonds for Migration Permit has been increased from 6 to 10.
    c. Add drop rate of Heaven Fragment (N) to some bosses.
    d. Increase the drop rate of Lv80 SB.

  • State war system: (Three factions)
    1. All participants to fight in the stat war could gain a buff from Frontline Teleporter.(attack +5K, life + 20k ,skill attack +2k and physical Defense +2k).
    2. This buff will disappear if exit from the war or enter another map.
    3. The Third Force Devils debut the stat war. A large number of devils show [...]

  • Where drums beat, peace is gone. A lot of heroes lost their lives in cruel battles against their enemies. And now, the time finally comes, the time for nirvana, the time for you to avenge yourself, and your allies.
    At PDT 18:00 June 23, all MWO servers will be shut down to update for an hour. [...]

  • A lot of players leveled a lot in the past 2 weeks! Some of them fell behind, some moved into the top list of the server.
    On 23:59 May 31st, all top players are calculated to the last number of their EXP. Now let’s applaud to these top 5 highest level players in each server. They [...]

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