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  • Dear players
    Due to the emergency data center maintenance during last Monday. We are sorry for all the troubles it brought to you. Hence we decide to take Double-Experience day for All servers as compensation.
    The Double-Exp day will start from 0:00 to 23:59 May 6th (PDT).
    We will launch this compensation after regular maintenance which starts at [...]

  • Dear player,
    The gentle breezes blow the Pacific Standard Time away. From 2010-3-14, the Pacific Standard Time (PST) will be reset to Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). But for Magic World Online, we will switch from Pacific Standard Time to Pacific Daylight Time 3 days ahead and start the PDT from 2010-3-11.
    Be aware of the alteration of [...]

  • a. No more Amor lover rings from western union present nor boss drops.
    b. Fix the description on Novice Receptionist.
    c. No more Valentine Blessing from Marriage Register.

  • Annually celebrated Chinese Lunar New Year is in the air.
    On this point, we flock back to our nest to reunite with dear parents and friends, shuttling in banquets after banquets, hailing and toasting to the new beginning of 2010 in China!
    Although MWO Team is unable to take full care of you during Lunar New [...]

  • a. Fix the bug on Wedding Dress.
    b. Fix the description on some quests.

  • My dear MWO friends, we call for your participation to Magic World Online Facebook Fan Page ( in New Year!
    Plenty of players have flocked to Facebook discussion board waiting in line for the Lucky Draw of free pt giveaway…Plenty of players anticipate and applaud for the synchronized updates of magic land. Oh…lol, there might be some [...]

  • Dear players,
    With the launch of recent new activities, a server merger will be carried out to let you better enjoy MWO’s characteristics and team-based combat. Through full preparation and consideration, the merger will follow the rules:
    1. Bitcomet 3 would be merged into Bitcomet 2 on Jan 13, 2010. The merge will start at 17:30 on [...]

  • 1.Xmas items are removed from Mall.
    2.Naughty Christmas Pigs are removed from Magic World.
    3.The sapling would still be open for one more month.
    4.The token required to enter Wailing stronghold and Execrative Sanctuary would still be 200.
    5.Important: If you exchange your +20 St.Gold Weapon to Deva, no matter how much EXP of the weapon has, there will be [...]

  • Year 2010 is about to come! Still 2 more years to enjoy before 2012!

    2009 is a great year with all of you! We have released the MWO V2.0, and a lot of new maps and monsters are added into the Magic World Online. More and more players have joined us to defeat the [...]

  • a. Xmas event begins, Naughty Christmas Pig will be found on most of the maps.
    b. Execrative Sanctuary and Wailing Stronghold is open. You could enter these two instances from the NPC Noah, the Earl (212, 235) in Sky City (D) and Graham, the Marquis (153, 178) in Sun City (E).
    c. Strengthen the NPC Guards of Sun [...]

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