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  • April Fool’ s Day drawing near, Zargh / Nelson has a big plan in his mind that he wants to play trick with his old friend again^_^ Would you like to join his plan at that day? It’s gonna have more FUN !
    HOHO !
    Time: 00:00 GMT-8 (PST) Mar 31, 2011 - 00:00 GMT-8 (PST) [...]

  • The annually bidding season is drawing on. This year, the wise King has prepared a big feast for everyone who is about to demand a slice of the cake at auction.
    Countless items including Legend & Gold gears, Unidentified gears, Deva & Divine materials, Mount eggs, etc. are awaiting on the shelf. Come and check the [...]

  • On the far western horizon, there is a piece of deserted land distant from Sky City and Sun City, which has not been found in the map so far. Over millions of years, the land was reached by hundreds of brave men but unfortunately no single man came back in the end. Due to uncontamination [...]

  • Period of event: 00:00 AM. Feb 25, 2011(PST) - 0:00 AM. Mar 11, 2011(PST)

    To render thanks to Western Union and PayPal customers, we are going to hold 2-week bonus, especially for Type E buyers. Alluring prize, extra platinum incentive, you will never miss it! Let’s take a look.
    For WU Type E buyers, you [...]

  • After Humans have driven away the Devil Legion,opening the new beginning of an era, Zeus, the King of the Gods,suddenly fell onto the Magic Land on the eve of the Valentine’s Day. It would be a blessing for Humans to have the welcome of his coming. Escorted by Cupid, Zeus didnt come for nothing. Most [...]

  • Dear players,
    When we made a pause at the end of fruitful 2010, looking upon the sky, the snowflakes fell like a shower of cotton, which ushered in the coming of Christmas and New Year. At this great moment, let’s move it, guys! A big shopping rush is going on and the old story of Santa [...]

  • The Christmas holiday drawing near, our partner MMOsite has brought an ongoing carnival to all players. It’s really a big time that you never miss it !
    (MMOsite event link: )
    To celebrate this moment, Magic World is cooperating with MMOsite to rain a lot of fantastic items to our players.
    1 first prize winner, 10 second prize [...]

  • Thanksgiving Day, the day to be observed “by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God,” the day we gather once again among our loved ones, the day we reach out to our neighbors and fellow citizens in need of a helping hand, is coming to the Magic Land and get [...]

  • With the release of Magic World Online Ver.3.0, MWO has become one of the most popular MMORPG in year 2010. More and more players have joined the Magic World, but still, we have a long way to go. New skills, new maps, new class titles… There are still a lot of elements to be released [...]

  • Finally, Halloween - The eve of All Saints’ Day is coming! The subject for tonight’s lecture is Ghost, and Horrification. Here come the Death, Gaint, and Killers. Dr. Frankenstein in the shadow and Mummy looked like someone on the sick list. Everybody. Rock your body right. Ur beloved events’ back alright!

    Event No.1 Double Experience
    Your beloved [...]

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