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  • Hello everybody, the long-awaited details for the competition are finally coming up! Cut the nonsense and let’s get down to business directly.
    1. No disturbance out of the team during competition, or the disturber will be kicked offline and banned.
    2. The death of the whole team will be treated as failure in terminating the boss.
    3. The [...]

  • ‘You are not alone, For I am here with you…’ sharing the same theme with the magnum opus song of great MJ, MWO decides to hold the 1st Boss Terminator Competition. Are you still alone in the battlefield? Do you want to build a team and achieve your goal? Here’s your chance! Just do it!

    The [...]

  • Our dear MWOers,
    How are your living skills going recently? Is your axe rusty? What about your gathering cleaver? Is it obtuse too? Or it is your bones which are obtuse and rusty? Or you just get bored of picking up the “useless” life materials when fighting the devils? Now speed up to sharp your eyes [...]

  • Our dear fellows,
    Finally you get a chance to show your talent! In the past few years, lots of players gave us suggestions about different kinds of events. They are so active and outstanding that we can’t help holding this event to let the designers shine publicly. Who is the Master of Design in MWO? Let’s [...]

  • Boom! Bonus especially for Paypal customers! 20% extra goes on and buying is in fashion now! Lots of players bring the abundant Pt and bonus home during 2nd anniversary. Did you get it? Do you want to keep up with fashion? Don’t worry about being late, the bonus party comes again! Come on, never too [...]

  • Big Bang! Now you can get more by buying the Type E Platinum code besides the 3.0 Release Present (340). Spiritual Stone? Lv 80 SB? Or Production Hammer? Don’t be dazzled by the rays of light when seeing them, it’s yours! You can pick up one among the 3 rare items as a prize after [...]

  • “Newer, cheaper, stronger” MWO Auction Zone, best place for buying ever! God-created Pet Amulet, Element Amulet and Necklace with IAS or ISCS Lv6… Anything you want, anything you expect, cheaper and cheaper, miracles everywhere. Come on to have a look! Catch the lucky baby, if you can! It is now or never!
    These are the auction [...]

  • “then monsters will break out of prison and Magic World Apocalypse begins…”
                                                                                                                                                 –Chapter 1.2, Book of Anna
    The disclosure of the prison break is made through a vision, as was the experience for the Magic Land prophet Anna. Anna is standing by a river when a heavenly being appears to her, and the revelation follows. Selena [...]

  • Though it is the first MWO Knowledge Party, the heroes enjoy the most this week. What a promising sign that players in Dynasty and Empire are quite fond of the party, attesting to the fact that the MWO Knowledge Party is truly popular. In reciprocation for your effort and activity in the game, we decide [...]

  • “Wake up guys, the world is quiet and the poor human beings are weak. Let’s party!”
                                                                                                                     —January 1st, 2, Ancient Boss Dairy
    We hear MUCH today on Wave Island, Beast Camp, and just everywhere the monsters are rumoring about “party”. It is sinful. They are so proud of themselves because they think our heroes don’t know [...]

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