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  • Do you still remember how we used to be?
    Cross fire, destroy the enemy.
    March ahead, defend home.

    Do you still remember how we used to be?
    Day and night, fight the devil.
    Undergo hell, forge the weapon.

    Do you still remember how we used to be?
    Dress up, be your bride.
    Adorn ourselves, celebrate it together.

    That’s how we used to be, in [...]

  • The World Cup fever had gone down completely when the Final ended? Have you begun to expect the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil? Good News! The World Cup fever is still raging in Magic World. All you have to do is being the quickest! Do you want to show your wit to the world? Do [...]

  • Now you can get the unpriced Lv80 SB by just guessing! FIFA World Cup, the largest-scale sports event in the world, is now ongoing in South Africa. In celebration of the 2nd anniversary of MWO and the World Cup, we provide you with excellent prize here. Are you a football fan? Are you a MWO [...]

  • By joint effort of all players, Magic World has been in successful operation for 2 years. The releasing of Ver.3.0 supplies players with a more interesting and equal game environment. At the 2nd birthday of MWO, we are holding some hot events in celebration. The events below will begin from July 1st:
    1. The Spelling Bee
    Starting from [...]

  • What is MWO3.0-ManualUpdate?
    Magic World  patch MWO3.0-ManualUpdate contains the pics and other resources of new maps, new monsters and new items which will be used in the Magic World Nirvana V3.0.
    How to Manually Download and Install MWO3.0-ManualUpdate?
    1. Download the patch below and save it under your “Magic World Online” game folder.
    2. Double click the Patch File [...]

  • After the 3000 years great ceremony in Magic World, it comes the 5th anniversary of MMOSite. To celebrate this big party, we will cooperate with MMOSite to send out a lot of great items to players.
    1 top prize, 9 medium prizes and 20 primary prizes will be awarded to the players who win the flash [...]

  • The Magic World online 2.0 has been released about 1 year. In the 2.0 Rejuvenation, level 80 is no longer the end of the adventure, but only the beginning to the dark history in Magic World. After a whole year’s fighting, more and more players have grown enough to meet the challenge in Magic World [...]

  • Alarm! Alarm! Giant Eagles break out the prison. I repeat, large amount of Giant Eagles break out the prison! This is not a drill. They were sentenced to prison because of robbery, so the precious eagle treasure boxes must be carried with them. There is no time left. We must go out to take them [...]

  • Although there is not so many Christian in Magic World, the Easter is also celebrated there.
    Both Empire and Dynasty citizens believe that the heroes chosen by Gods will have a second life after being killed. What’s more, the God will choose one most brave warrior every 100 years and bestows him with eternal life. But [...]

  • As the April fool’s day is coming, the bosses in Magic World would also like to have some fun with all the players.
    According to Tom, the son of the carpenter in Sky city, who was lost a whole day last Sunday, the Evil bosses are getting together to have some plans in the coming April. [...]

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