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  • Maybe you guys already noticed the new map in the previous preview. Guess what? The Emerald Island is opening soon! Check this out!
    Mini Map:

    Mobs and Boss:
    Emerald Protector
    The guardian of Emerald Island with angel’s appearance.

    Karame Hunter
    A furious ranged monster which serves the lord of Emerald Island.

    Dark Slayer,the Elf Knight(Boss)
    Lord of [...]

  • Have you been feed up with looking at the mounts like Coredragons, Goldenphoenix, Unicorns? We’ve got a good news for you that the we are going to have new members in the mount family, the new Tiger mounts! Let’s take a look at these awesome mounts.

    After seeing the pictures, i guess you guys [...]

  • Too long we have hungered for this fight.
    Too long that our surging blood starts to be cold.
    Too long people are merely waiting
    Dynasty and Empire has historical dispute on how to divide the resourceful Golden Plain. During this dispute grew mad on time, a state war between the two countries was broke out. So long as [...]

  • The cold passed reluctantly from the Magic Land, and the retiring fog revealed an army of heroes and warriors stretched out of hills. They hacked all their ways through difficulties, eventually, reaching the Execrative Sanctuary, with their lion hearts.
    The tattered Sanctuary astonished everyone at present. The ever-sacred place has been turned into a den of [...]

  • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of Light, and it was the age of Darkness.
    Ancient rumors have floated for thousands of years that the gods left rarities boxes of invincible equipment, divine materials and esoterica force in an occult and majestic temple on Magic Land. [...]

  • A doomsday slaughter broke out in the ancient war, waged by Lucifer for his ambitions of greed to rule this magic land.
    With the help of mysterious and mighty soldiers, humans won the victory at the expense of heavy loss of lives. The soldiers then disappeared at a time when the human habitats remained destroyed and [...]

  • What’s your deepest concern? Collapsed national war, good friend departure or failure in love? What depresses players most is no doubt account theft. Players treat characters with great care as if they are another self. So it is rather understandable if you despair when you log in, find your character naked on the street and [...]

  • Magic World Online, an MMOPPG with Legal Bot in game will soon release its Ver.2.0 patch-Magic World Rejuvenation.
    Fierce fighting of more than one year has intensified tension between humans and devils and the strained situation sparks further war on an ever larger scale. Certainly, we need more to defend our homeland!
    Lv.80, the once highest level [...]

  • The first anniversary of MWO has ended but our pursuit of the best services and game experience to players will never end. Thus, following the string of the activities, more thrilling news is being presented.
    The world of MWO has witnessed your aspiration for new journey and new adventure, which never fades. Also we’re convinced that [...]

  • “With so many players-sourced questions, which hero will have the greatest knowledge and wisdom? Which hero will learn things so fast? Answers up to your mastery!”

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