• Dear players, the server maintenance this week will be put on Thursday , Feb 23 at 23:00 PST .All the servers will be rebooted and down for about 15 minutes. Please log off before the maintenance starts. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.
    MWO Team

  • Snowfalkes fly, Santa Claus arrives, here we go again, with this rhyme : Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way…
    We’ll count your total payment since June 1 , as long as you hit a $300 mark, you will be eligible for a prize and you can pick one from the prize list.Still no idea [...]

  • Dear players,
    Christmas has arrived in the Magic World, are you still making up your mind what to do during the holidays? Check out the following events and updates and I’m sure that you will find your favorite!
    1.The Traditional Piggy Event:
    From 00:00 Dec 22,2011 to 00:00 Jan 5,2012 (GMT-8)
    You will find Christmas Naughty Piggies in most [...]

  • Dear players,
    We experienced an unexpected connection problem just now and we are trying to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    The scheduled server maintenance will be advanced from GMT-8 00:00, Dec 8 to GMT-8 20:00, Dec 7
    The state war will be restarted when the servers are back to normal.Please keep an eye on the official site.
    Update:  [...]

    1.More guards have been added around the spawn point of each side in the state war.
    2.Teleport items like mnemonic symbols , friendship wings are no longer functional in the state war.
    3.Transmutation Stones are no longer functional in the state war.

  • Howdy!
    I guess most of the players have already noticed that there was a State War on last Wednesday and we are glad to tell you that it will be like that since then.So you will have 2 state wars a week, one for Euro Time (19:00, GMT+1) and one for U.S Time (19:00, GMT-8). [...]

  • In this day, all staff in Ingle Games want to thank every MWO player for your support to this game. You gave us a lot indeed, we can’t go this far without you. In return to everything you’ve done, we’ll try our best to offer our traditional warm and constant service in the future! Thanks [...]

  • The November prize list for platinum buyers has been updated, check it out to see what’s new.
    We’ll count your total payment since June 1 , as long as you hit a $300 mark, you will be eligible for a prize and you can pick one from the prize list.Still no idea how this event works? [...]

  • Details:
    1.Some guards have been placed in the uptown.
    2.God tear and Call-up of gods can be composed in the Moonlight Box now.
    3.Updates for the Halloween Events.
    MWO Team

  • Happy Halloween


    To celebrate 2011’s Halloween we have prepared a series of events for all dear MWO players. The events will last from GMT-8 00:00 Oct 27 to GMT-8 24:00 Nov 2. Now let’s see what we can do in this coming Halloween.
    1. Trick or Threat
    You may have a chance to encounter with a boss or find [...]

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