• Greetings everyone! Here it comes the updated prize list for platinum buyers, check it out and you will find your favorite!
    We’ll count your totaly payment since June 1 , as long as you hit a $300 mark, you will be eligible for a prize and you can pick one from the prize list.Still no [...]

  • Since the last update , we have seen players working hard on their gears but we also see that some players ignored the warnings and cheated in the state war. Once again we’d like to say that the behavior that one farms the glory with alts is considered as cheat in the state war and [...]

  • Dear Players,
    Recently we heard some rumors from players saying that MWO is going to close down, which is not true.  Please be assured that we have no plan to shut down MWO severs!
    The rumor is from Frogster, a German Company, clearly, this is a promotion approach Gamescom Frogster adopts to steal players from MWO to [...]

  • The patch will be released after the maintenance this Thursday (00:00 GMT-8, September 29, 2011) In this patch, we’ll have the following updates, check this out !
    The success rate of the enchanting with Bloodlust Heart lvl 7 – lvl 9 will be raised a lot. Details are as followed:
    Divine Sets:
    Line 1: 7.5% -> 15%
    Line 2: [...]

  • Dear Players,
    Due to some unexpected errors (most likely to be the restriction of the network to the U.S in China), the command of launching the state war we sent to the host failed to be received and executed last Saturday, we are sorry about that we kept you waiting for hours.As some sort of compensation, [...]

  • Greetings everyone! September comes, are you still feeling dizzy and sleepy because of the summer heat? I bet the following prize will wake you up before September ends.
    We’ll count your totaly payment since June 1 , as long as you hit a $300 mark, you will be eligible for a prize and you can pick [...]

  • The devils have been waiting for too long since the last invade, dare you open the pandora box and feel the rage of them?
    At (GMT-8) 00:00 , Sep 8 , after the maintenance , the seal on the pandora box might be removed once you open the it and the devils will return!  Polish your [...]

  • Greetings, heroes of the Magic World! It’s August now and the prize list for Platinum Buyers has been updated, check this out.
    Prize List:
    Prize A: A Gift Box which contains 100 Heaven Fragment (S)
    Heaven Fragment (S) is essential when you compose some valuable items in the Moonlight Box, King Ring is the best you [...]

  • Updates:
    Then Event Call-up of Production Principal is open. (from 0:00 am, July 28 - )

    Details: In monster’s body? It is said that the guards have discovered Hessonite and Crystallized Waterstone on eastern island, and Warthstone in western part. (Please check out the hightlight part of the evenr news
    Players who gather 5 Warthstone+5 Crystallized Waterstone+ 5 [...]

  • Two days ago, a small meteorite struck the eastern part of Magicland, which left a grave impact of volcanic eruptions in Sealed Hero Island, and tsunami in Wave Island. Meanwhile, the ocean monsoon carrying dusts and ashes drifted over upon Spirit Tomb, turning the sky to be a pitch of darkness.
    Several city guards brought back [...]

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