• Dear player,
    To make up for the server connection problem last week, We will hold two State Wars in this week.
    Sechedule: 7:00 pm, July 9 (GMT-1) and 7:00 pm, July 9 (GMT-8)


    MWO Team

  • How to get the extra prize in every month? Please check out
    The extra prize in July is:
    Prize A: A Gift Box which contains 100 Heaven Fragment (S)

    Fragment(S) makes up Youngdragon Ring
    Prize B: Divine Package
    Prize C: God Created Pet Amulet (leech/skill attack)   
    Choose 1 from the following 2 
    You can claim 1 of those 3 prizes by [...]

  • Updates:
    1. MWO 3rd Anniversary events including Spelling Bee, Free 3rd Anniversary Fireworks Delivery and Monster Wanted are closed.
    2. Item discount in MWO Mall is closed.
    3. Daily free items claimed at MWO Ambassador are modified.
    MWO Team

  • After 3 years Anniversary of Magic World, it comes the 6th anniversary of MMOSite. To celebrate this big party, we will cooperate with MMOSite to send out more gifts to our players.
    Players who win the sufficient coins by playing the flash games of MMOSite will be rewarded a MWO gift code.
    For more details, please check [...]

  • Updates:
    1. A few Mall Items are at a discount of 20% off. (on first page of Mall)
    2. Fortune Anniversary Package is modified. 
        Open it, you will get a random mall item, 50 magic tokens, and a 1/100 chance getting a treasure box of
    3. The event of Ancient Treasure Map is closed.
        And MWO 3rd Anniversary Celebration II [...]

  • Dear players,
            For the loss caused by the power-cut in June 4, we will make a compensation for all  victim servers. 
           Double Exp in Bitcomet and Bitcomet II beginning from June 9 will be closed at 0:00 AM June 14. (One day extended)
    Sorry for the trouble again. We will try best to  maintain a stability of server in the future!

    MWO [...]

  • Dear Player,
    We received the email from the host saying that server Bitcomet I and II are experiencing a power event which caused the servers to go offline. The engineers there are currently investigating and trying to get them back online.
    Sorry again for the trouble and we’ll compensate for the unexpected losses you suffered.
    Updates (JUN-4 04:47:39AM GMT-8):  [...]

  • 1.Monster Wanted (Jun 9 00:00 – Jun 23 00:00)
    The Magic Land prophet Anna predicted some devils’d be a grave threat to Magic Land during the 3rdanniversary. Now these monsters has been singled out, and the warrants has been issued to the World.
    GM will announce an exact Monster Wanted (Instance Boss) every week in the [...]

  • With an aim to extend our gratitude to our platinum customers, we plan to hold a long term event on the occasion of MWO 3rd Anniversary.
    From 00:00 AM 1st Jun,2011 (GMT-8), players who purchase platinum points for every 300 USD, will get an extra prize in current month.

    For each of your account which has charged [...]

  • June 20, 2008- Open Beta of Magic World Online
    Aug 27 2009- Magic World Ver.2.0 Releasing
    June 23 2010-Magic World Ver.3.0 Launching
    It’s been three years when Magic World Online has undergone its ups and downs together with all players. Today we still have the faith that MWO is sure to have a bright future !
    With an [...]

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