• Here it goes the event rules:
    We’ll count your total payment since June 1, 2011, for each $300 mark you hit, you will get a prize and you can pick one from the prize list. Still no idea how this event works? Click here to see the details.
    Prize List:
    Prize A: An Adult GoldenTiger or SilverTiger
    New Tiger [...]

  • Dear players,
    The connection problem in bitcomet I is fixed now and the server is back to normal again.
    Sorry again for the inconvenience.
    MWO Team

  • Dear Players,
    The Event “Wrath of the Pandora Box” will end at 00:00 , Sep 15 (GMT-8) when the scheduled maintenance arrives. There is one more day left , so grab the chance and do your best. Good luck to all!
    MWO Team

  • Update:
    April Fool Event Quests have been added. Click here to see the details.
    MWO Team

  • Our dear fellows,
    Finally you get a chance to show your talent! In the past few years, lots of players gave us suggestions about different kinds of events. They are so active and outstanding that we can’t help holding this event to let the designers shine publicly. Who is the Master of Design in MWO? Let’s [...]

  • a. Mind Devil, the Spirit Terminator (Boss), the boss of World Arena, is strengthened.
    b. The needed amount of Rare Purple Diamonds for Migration Permit has been increased from 6 to 10.
    c. Add drop rate of Heaven Fragment (N) to some bosses.
    d. Increase the drop rate of Lv80 SB.

  • We’re going to do an overall router update to all Ingle Games’ servers (including the servers for games, official websites and official forums) From PDT 00:00 to 05:00 on June 13th to reduce the delay between our players and the servers. Magic World servers are also included.
    During the 5 hours, the connection to server Bitcomet [...]

  • With the release of Magic World Online Ver.2.0, MWO has become one of the most popular MMORPG in year 2009. More and more players have joined the Magic World, but still, we have a long way to go. New instances, new maps, new equipment… There are still a lot of elements to be released in [...]

  • 1. Add the composition of Bliss Exp Crystal ( D ) to Moonlight Box.              
    2. Bliss Exp Crystal ( D ) could be claimed on Thursday by lv 45+ players.

  • When the last devil was killed by our hero, the Dark Fort began to collapse. At the same time, a secret illusion space appeared. What is it? The sage said the Dark Fort Illusion was always hiding itself in the gap of space. Due to the real Dark Fort was broken, the Illusion came to [...]

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