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Another specialty for MWO—Enchanting!!!

Posted in: 11-26-2009           by: john

You’re so tired of seeing your gears only have one or two attributes? Why do other players have the same equipment but fight better than you? The secret is that although you have the same gears, they have more attributes on the equipment. So how do they have these fantastic attributes like Dodge, Leech, Agility and etc? Because they know how to Enchant!!!

You’ve never heard of Enchanting?! Then you’re really out. It’s a kind of system which can help you add more blue attributes in your gears and make your gears way cooler and stronger than those of anybody else! Before we tell you how to enchant your equipment steps by steps there are some thing you have to know. First 6 is the maximum number of the blue attributes that one gear or weapon should have. Second the more attributes you add, the less success rate you gonna have when enchanting. So now let’s move on to the very point of this article—How to Enchant!

There is a long way to enchant your equipment and many preparations must be made especially when you’re new to our game.

Living Skill must be learnt beforehand. All the living skill books can be bought from NPC Grocery Merchant( Sky City 270?172 or Sun City 115?258) or can be obtained by finishing the quests.

There are 7 living skills you have to learn. You could find them in your character’s Living Skill section.

Herbal collectionimage001


Ore Miningimage003





1. Herbal collectionimage001 , Lumberimage002 and Ore Miningimage003 are the three basic skills. Without learning and leveling up these 3 basic Living Skills you can’t get the materials (which are grass, mines and wood) to make the Enchantment material. Remember: Get the wood, grass and mines as much as you can because that is the only way to level up your 3 basic living skills. When skill’s required proficiency reaches its top, it will level up. It’s a prerequisite for getting Enchantment Material!!!

2. Blacksmithingimage004 , Alchemyimage005 , Tailorimage006 , Craftsmanimage007 are the 4 advanced Living Skills which can forge the Enchantment Material. Speak of which, here let me introduce 9 kinds of enchantment material to you (You can also see the introduction at the NPC Production Principal Sky City 211,120 or Sun City 115,208):

Power Crystalimage008: Attributes of Strength (By learning Blacksmithingimage004 )

Agi Crystalimage009: Attributes of Agility (By learning Blacksmithingimage004 )

Source of Life (Life Origin)image010: Attributes of Vitality (By learning Alchemyimage005 )

Source of Wisdom (Wisdom Origin)image011: Attributes of Intelligence (By learning Alchemyimage005 )

Phantom Armor Pieceimage012: Attributes of Dodge (By learning Tailorimage006 )

Fortified Armor Pieceimage013: Attributes of Physical Defense (By learning Tailorimage006 )

Lucky Starimage014: Attributes of Magic Items Acquisition (Drop Rate) (By learning Craftsmanimage007 )

Bloodlust Heartimage015: Attributes of Fight to Absorb Life (Leech) (By learning Craftsmanimage007 )

Accurate Eyeimage016: Attributes of Success Rate of Hits (By learning Smithing image004)

How to get those materials? That’s a good question. The following I will give you one demonstration:

I want to add Leech in my gear, so I have to get Bloodlust Heart by training skill Craftsman, right? Go to NPC Production Principal, click her and you will see:


Click the first line Compose Item and you will see something like this:


Those 4 advanced Living Skills are trained there. Each one of these 4 skills has its own items which to be forged. The numbers in front of these items are the level of your skills you have to reach. For example if you want to get Bloodlust Heart Lv1, you have to level up your Craftsman to 5. But sometimes you can’t see there is any Bloodlust Heart there. It is because you haven’t leveled up your Craftsman skill to the level that the system requires. How to level up? It’s not that difficult. Pick up one item that you can craft. For example, click Phosphorus Stone and you will see


From the picture you can see that you have to collect 5 Flammable Stones Lv8 and then click the button Produce All or Create. You will then get the item Phosphorus Stone. Repeat this as many times as you could because like those 3 basic Living Skills, when skill’s required proficiency reaches the top, your Craftsman will level up.

Bloodlust Heart Lv1 and Lucky Star Lv1 for example, you have to level up your Craftsman skill to 5 before seeing these two Enchantment materials showing up. And then clickimage022 and you will see


This time you need 1 Seablue Crystal-mine and 3 normal Magic Powders. Collect the items needed and you will get your Bloodlust Heart Lv1.

It is the same case with other Enchantment Materials. The higher level of your Living skill reaches, the higher level Enchantment material you will get.

After getting the Enchantment material, then you can Enchant!!! Clickimage025 at NPC Production Principal, you will see


Put the weapon or gear you want to enchant into the first slot, and your Enchantment material into the second slot. If you want to protect your item’s original attributes, put an attribute protective stoneimage027 into the third slot. Lastly click the button Confirm. Then a new blue attribute will appear on your gear!!!

But remember, there is a success rate and you have to take the chances before clicking the button!!! There could be at most 6 lines of additional attribute you could enchant. To enchant the 1st line of additional attribute, the success rate would be 100%. The more you enchant, the less success rate you will get. If you fail to enchant, the entire additional attributes would be wiped out. So the attribute protective stone would be the key to the success.

Hope this article will be helpful more or less to you guys when enchanting your gears and enhancing your whole equipment.



Don’t know where to get wood, grass and mine? Don’t worry. Here are the coordinates of the materials that you need!!!

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