Mage Skills

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Mage (primary class) Lv1-15
Energy Bolt

An elementary spell that causes fast magic damage to a target.

Energy Explosion 21
An energy all-out magic attack on one target.
Energy Shield 20

Makes a simple magic shield that increases defense to block some incoming damage.

1st Class Transfer
Mage -> Fire Mage Lv15-30
Fire Scorch 19

Sets fire to a target, dealing damage over time for a durtion. (Lv15)

Fire Blast 18

Sets a blazing fire to the front ground, causing fire damage to targets in a line. (Lv17)

MP Amplification (Passive) 3

Further understands fire magic skill, increasing power of magic. (Lv22)

Fire Bolt 17

Condenses flame into a high-density fireball, dealing fire damage to a target. (Lv24)

Mage -> Ice Mage Lv15-30
Elementary Ice-Arrow 16

A basic ice attacking spell that deals water damage to a target and reduces its movement speed for a duration. (Lv15)

Ice Penetration 15

Tries to penetrate a target’s armor, reducing its water resistance and causing ice damage. (Lv17)

Resistance Increase (Passive) 2

Get ice marked so as to increase all element resistance. (Lv22)

Cone of Ice 14

Launches a conic shaped ice attack, causing water damage within the area of effect. (Lv24)

2nd Class Transfer
Fire Mage -> Flame Magic Master Lv30-50
Cross Flame 13

Launches a cross shaped flame attack to all surrounding targets, causing fire damage to targets within the area of effect. (Lv30)

Slumbering Flame 12

Uses an ethereal magic flame to render a target unconscious, leaving it stay motionless for a duration. (Lv33)

Mastering Fire (Passive) 1

Further understands the essence of flame, increasing Fire damage and spell critical strike. (Lv36)

Fire Clarification 11

Uses inner fire for a refreshment of your character, getting rid of immobility and slowdown. (Lv39)

Seed of Fire 10[4]

Plants an explosive flame seed into a target, dealing fire damage in 10 sec countdown. (Lv42)

Flame Mark 9

Marks a target using the Fire-fiend tag, causing area of effect fire damage. (Lv45)

Fire Mage -> Ice Magic Mentor Lv30-50
Expert Icebolt 8

Shoot a target with an ice crystal arrow, dealing damage and reducing its movement speed. (Lv30)

Frost Nova 7

Freezes a target, dealing damage and rendering it unmovable. (Lv33)

Ice Master (Passive) 23

Further understands the essence of water, increasing max mana and water damage by a certain percentage. (Lv36)

Frost Guard 6

A water attribute energy shield that defends all slowdown spell, when attacked, the shield holder can consume MP for its maintenance. (Lv39)

Dimension Mirror 5

Condenses hydrosphere to form a Dimension Mirror, allowing your character to change position instantly. (Lv42)

Ice Blast Attack 4

Drops thousands of ice blocks in a chosen range, causing water damage over time. (Lv45)

3rd Class Transfer
Flame Magic Master-> Firedragon Pontifex Lv50-60
Firedrake Summon 37

Summons a nine-headed firedrake to attack your Pontifex’s enemies, the beast will disappear in a duration.

Reinforced Firedrake (Passive) 38

Enhance the firedrake’s ability.

Thunder Bust 39

According to legend, enemy caught by this wind attribute spell will explode like an atomic bomb.

Inferno Fireball 40

The inferno blaze can deal great damage to a target.

Flame Magic Master-> Flame Oracle Lv50-60
Lightgod 41

With the help of Goddess, your Oracle pitches shining holy light on the earth, detecting invisibility, dealing holy damage within the area of effect.

Fire Shield 28

Surrounds your Fire Oracle with some protective fire, increasing attribute resistance for a duration.

Doomsday Firerain 43

Mighty blaze from the sky comes to do fire damage over time.

Mana Mage 44

Converts all mana of your Oracle into some special damaging power, dealing the same damage to a victim as the converted mana points.

Ice Magic Mentor -> Ice Dragon Oracle Lv50-60
Transformed Icedragon 45

Transforms a non-player enemy into an icedrake to serve your Oracle for a duration. Cannot be cast on Boss or Elite.

Reinforced Icedragon 46

Increases the icedrake’s ability.

Sanctity 47

Frees a target from immobility, slowdown and whatnot. This also deals additional damage.

Frost Arrow 48

Proceeds to the ultimate mastery of ice magic, dealing damage with the handy usage of ice potential, decreasing a target’s movement speed for a duration.

Ice Magic Mentor -> Iceworld Pontifex Lv50-60
Frost Spell 49

A powerful deceleration skill that slows down a target greatly in a duration, dealing water damage simultaneously.

Frost Dancing 50

Radiates several fan-shaped frost arrows, dealing water damage.

Burning Power 51

Burns a target, decreasing a certain amount of MP and HP.

Life Armor 52

Increases your Ice Mage’s HP for a duration.

4th Class Transfer
Firedragon Pontifex -> Dragonbaking Master Lv65
Misery Abyss image

Sets fire to a target then extends the blaze to all units within area of effect, dealing damage and reducing fire resistance for a duration.

Dominating Flame (Passive) image

Grasps the ultimate essence of fire attribute skill, increasing your Dragonbaking Master’s fire penetration.

Flame Oracle -> Blaze Pluto Lv65
Charred Universe image

Summon a gigantic meteorite to drop from the sky, hit the ground and explode violently, dealing damage and decreasing mana of all victims within the area of effect.

Dominating Flame (Passive) image

Grasps the ultimate essence of fire attribute skill, increasing your Blaze Pluto’s fire penetration.

Ice Dragon Oracle -> Freezing Uranus Lv65
Chaos Icenimbus image

Creates a mysterious ice body to surround your character, dealing damage to all approaching units, decreasing their ice resistance and rendering them immobile for a duration.

Frost Penetration (Passive) image

Grasps the ultimate essence of water attribute skill, increasing water penetration.

Ice World Pontifex -> Frosty Neptune Lv65
Icebolt Blast image

Tosses a powerful magic ice-bomb, the explosion of which gives off ice-arrows, dealing great damage to enemies within the area of effect.

Frost Penetration (Passive) image

Grasps the ultimate essence of water attribute skill, increasing water penetration.