Summoner Skills

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Summoner (primary class) Lv1-15
Elementary Cure


An elementary healing magic that uses the power of nature to heal a target.

Summon Elf


Uses the Contract of Nature to summon a helpful elf to join the battle.

Elementary Whirling Blade


Gather Wind strength to shoot a distant target. The high-speed whirling wind blade will cause Wind damage.

1st Class Transfer
Summoner -> Necromancer Lv15-30
Mars Blaze 19

Have your Necromancer and all teammates receive the blessing of Mars, Increase defense and physical AP for a duration. (Lv15)

Intermediate Element Healing


Uses the force of nature to heal a target. (Lv17)

Mastering Necromancer (Passive)


Establishes an instinctively mutual understanding between the beast and its master, increasing the beast’s defense and physical attack. (Lv22)

Summon Death Archer


Breaks the forbidden pact of the lost paradise so as to summon a powerful ranged Skeleton Archer. (Lv24)

Summoner -> Illusionist Lv15-30
Werewolf Disillusion


Transforms your Illusionist into a wolf form, trading skill availability for defense and physical AP bonus. (Lv15)

Resistance Enhanced 15

Activates exclusive access to illusory potential of magic defense, which in turn truly increases element resistance for your illusionist and all teammates for a duration. (Lv17)

Polymorph Mastery (Passive) 3

Further improves the art of a wolf form, increasing physical AP and defense. (Lv22)

Advanced Whirling Blade


Pitches a fast spinning air-blade to the front of your character, dealing wind damage. (Lv24)

2nd Class Transfer
Necromancer -> Nature Guard Lv30-50
Revive 13


Retrieves from nature the lost soul of a dead character, giving him or her a second life. (Lv30)

Curse of Frailty


Curses a target on its strength, reducing its physical attack power. (Lv33)

Force of Nature (Passive)


Further understands the force of nature, improving healing efficiency. (Lv36)



Uses the force of nature to dispel all abnormality of a target. (Lv39)

Bounty of Gold


Prays to Nature Lord for the arrival of a healing rain, recovering teammates’ HP over time. The rain will end in a duration. (Lv42)

Summon Hell Fire


Summons a destructive inferno fire by the forbidden pact of hell, allowing it to deal physical damage and additional shadow attribute damage. (Lv45)

Illusionist -> Soul Manipulator Lv30-50
Mindhunter Disillusion


Transforms into a soul hunter who can regenerate HP extremely fast, do ranged attack, increasing element attack power and element resistance. (Lv30)



Manages to rot a target’s soul, reducing its element resistance. (Lv36)

Ferity Strengthened (Passive) 1

Further understands the art of a soul hunter form, increasing attack power and defense. (Lv33)

Dispel 11[4]

Uses the force of nature to dispel all abnormality of a target. (Lv39)

Death Contact 6

Signs a death contract with a beneficiary, reviving the target before it comes to the expiration date of the contract. (Lv42)



Creates a mad whirlwind to spring from your soul manipulator. The wind tries to tear enemies around into parts, dealing Wind damage. (Lv45)

3rd Class Transfer
Nature Guard -> Undead Manipulator Lv50-60
Puppet Manipulation 25

Tries to take control of a monster’s soul. When this skill comes to its full maturity, the attempt will be more likely to succeed.

Puppet Strengthen


Increases HP, defense and physical AP of the manipulated monster.

Exclusive Burst


Activates the internal universe of your summoner’s beast, allowing it to deal a fatal blow to its master’s opponent.

Nature Guard -> Necromancer Master Lv50-60
Blazing Shield


Gives a flaming negative aura to targets within area of effect, dealing damage to approaching units over time. The aura will end in a duration.

Fortified Hell Fire


Plants some supernatural power on the Inferno fire, allowing it to be terribly powerful in a duration.

Life Engraft


Talk to your beast’s soul so as to have it take over some incoming damage. This will end in a duration.

Soul Manipulator -> Devil Beastmaster Lv50-60
Poison Kiss 31

Poisons a target by touch, dealing damage over time for a duration.

Deep Dizzy 32

Skillfully attacks the head of a victim, rendering it unconscious for a duration.

Enhanced Attack 33

Gathers power time and time again, hit a target to do additional damage related to the number of gathering times. from which your Devil Beastmaster also tries to drain life and mana.

Soul Manipulator -> Golden Beastmaster Lv50-60
Chain Attack 34

Uses a combo of 2 shots to deal the same physical damage twice.

Blessed Howl 35

Deals additional area of effect damage to enemies in front. More enemies will be involved as this skill grows.

Enhanced Attack 36

Gathers power time and time again, hit a target to do additional damage related to the number of gathering times. from which your Devil Beastmaster also tries to drain life and mana.

4th Class Transfer
Undead Manipulator -> Ghostdom Sage Lv65
Resurrection a

Figures out the exact meaning of life and death, reviving all dead teammates.

Immortal Will b

A peculiar ability derived from the immortal ghostdom elf that increases all team members’ block of incoming skill damage by a certain percentage.

Necromancer Master -> Dragoncalling Master Lv65
Summon Tyrannosaurus c

Get united with the Dragon race, so as to summon an extremely powerful tyrannosaurus to serve your character.

Tyrannosaurus Power (Passive) d

Acquires the ability of communicating with Tyrannosaurus, increasing the tyrannosaurus’s fire damage and critical strike rating.

Devil Beastmaster -> Illusion Angel Lv65
Chain Attack e

Transforms into a great angel of white magic, keeping capable of using skills.

Angel Light (Passive) f

Manages to borrow the force of Gods, increasing your Illusion Angel’s skill AP and spell critical strike rating.

Golden Beastmaster -> Falling Angel Lv65
Demon Befall g

Transforms into a great angel of black magic, disabling the use of skills while increasing all attribute sharply.

Gloomy Cultivation (Passive) h

Cultivating the fighting concept in the ghostdom gives a satisfying rise to your Darkness Angel’s defense and physical attack rebound.