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Game Features - Moving Castle & Guild Building

Posted in: 05-1-2008           by: Kane

Cannot wait to join a guild to meet the versatile guild members and enjoy the desirable guild functions and benefits?



Want to be Cesar to conquer the world? Now we offer you the most powerful weapon in this continent–it is the dream (or nightmare) of all soldiers and in fact it should not even exist—-the Moving Castle!

Guild life is so colorful in MWO that once you join a guild, you will never want to get out. You can not only produce and possess a fantastic moving castle for yourself, but also become the self-authorized castle master immediately. Together with the presence of your comrades in arms, friends, and loved ones, the guild is made to be your second family, a moving fighting home of dreamed invulnerability and romance!

Moving Castle, the great armament that plays a crucial role in the large-scale guild war or state war, is inevitably one of the most eye-catching stars in a battlefield. Fighting with the use of moving castle is fabulously stimulating.
Of course, players not willing to get involved in PvP occasions can also enjoy the freedom to specialize in different tracks of guild affairs. He or she can choose to engage in the production of some specialized in-game items and supply these items