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Game Features - Free Your Hands

Posted in: 05-1-2008           by: Kane

Getting fed up with the tiring but endless and unnecessary mouse clicking in MMORPG?

Spending hundreds of minutes to walk in a map and hoping something like the GPS auto navigation system could be your savior?
Want to free your hands from all these hassles and focus in the much more meaningful game-play?
Worried about the illegal bots that are ruining your beloved game world?

We believe that an online game should trigger a chain of moments of enjoyment for you, and it should be much more than just controlling your mouse or computer. Also, the game should present to you a fair play that resorts more to the efficiency of minds than to the labor of hands. Here in MWO you’ll find that the values of your time are greatly respected everywhere.

GPS       AI Bot


There are players spotted smiling in their sound sleep when their characters are continuing to level up. It is entirely a job of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows you to commission the extremely smart in-game MWO Robot to perform for you. The official application of in-game robot help also eliminate the risk of using unauthorized bots which may infect players with virus, spyware, Trojans and other types of malware.

Apart from the convenience of AI, game guide information in MWO is available to players wherever and whenever they need it. Players can easily navigate through the help index to search a topic of interest. The displays and controls of help information are made very accessible and easy to use.