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Game Features - Own Your House

Posted in: 05-1-2008           by: Kane

Want to be free from the sub-prime mortgage crisis?
Want to own a multifunctional private space that’ll meet your everchanging needs?

Still crazy for Sims?
Let MWO endow you with the chance to possess your ultimate dream house.



Just an easy glimpse at MWO’s dazzling accommodation district is enough to give you the belief that you will be able to realize your dream of living a life of happiness and luxury. A dream house of your own symbolizes your identity and social status in Magic World Online. Here you can design and build your own house to fit exactly your style and preference. The dispositions of housekeeper, maid, furniture, decorations and such like are simply up to your own choice.

Apart from using the private site to have a very good time together with friends and loved ones, you can also gain many satisfying attributes bonuses by owning a house. Furthermore, resting in your house helps you restore HP and such like at the speed of light. The cupboard in the house can also be used to lodge your items. The house will provide you the sense of peace, convenience, affection, and superiority.