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Posted in: 05-1-2008           by: Kane

Have you ever thought about who are the real persons behind all the avatars that you play with everyday in an online game? Now you have the chance to check it out!

Who’s the warrior that rescued me from the crowd of monsters?
Could it be Santa Claus who overheard my dying wish?
Who’s the brave summoner that supported me in defeating the Boss?
Could it be the lovely girl who smiled at me this morning in the subway?
Who’s the last hero that led us to win the war against our enemies?
Could it be the grandma next door?

Video ChatThe creative in-game Video Chat System makes the virtual world of Magic World Online (MWO) more real. The surprise of seeing your comrade or sweetheart, either Mr. Right or Mrs. Always, is awaiting you at the other side of your net camera. With maximum information transmitted, MWO presents you with the exclusive experience of meeting your in-game sweethearts or friends face to face. And to keep for future appreciation the many many fond memories of video chat, you can just capture, retrieve and manage your screen shots at will.
Is this the first time for you to video chat with someone in-game? All you need to do is setup your net camera settings within MWO and you’re ready to go! Simply target the desired player, click on their avatar, and select the Video Chat option from the context menu.
MWO will auto adjust your net camera settings. All you need to do is target the video chat option on a desired player.
In addition to the option of video chat, you can still easily access the traditional in-game chat functionality with typed words and comical emoticons. This chat system is then divided further into several specialized chat channels: system, nearby, private, team, guild, country and world. You’ll find it very easy to switch from one to another.