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*Episode I War of Gods and Devils*

Our story began on an ordinary day in the dim and distant past when Humans were just worshipping Gods at their annual harvest festival. The Death Legion with Lucifer, the King of Devils, struck Golden Plain, the sacred site that had also witnessed the origin of Humans.


Not expecting this to be within Lucifer’s web of intrigue, Odin, King of Gods, hurriedly dispatched his Super Corps to the rescue of the catastrophic victims. But it turned out to be a snap decision of fatal consequences. Like a lamb to the slaughter, the whole corps suffered a crushing blow from the Death Legion. As soon as the victory over the Super Corps, Lucifer grabbed the opportunity to storm the Frozen Mountain, the Gods’ headquarter. As it turned out, Odin, with his Super Corps annihilated, found himself have no choice but to make the ultimate sacrifice by fusing himself with the Dominant Sword, a magical sword of divinity to seal the border between Hell and the MagicLand with the Death Legion as well as Lucifer pulled back into Hell. Thus the Devils’ attempts to seize control of the universe overnight were thwarted, and the remaining victims of Gods and Humans were finally saved.


*Episode II The Great Migration*

Humans were then left helplessly to suffer in Golden Plain’s extremely hostile environment, a living hell or rather. If they didn’t find a new location to settle they would surely perish. They turned to the north and south of the Golden Plain in search of a new place to create a settlement. At long last after tirelessly searching for forty years, and with the guidance of the almighty Gods, the Humans found two separate locations to settle. That would be safe from the now hostile environment of the Golden Plain.
With each tragedy, new heroes arose to meet the challenge, and it was in this manner that the Human race survived.

To the north of the MagicLand, Leo began the Dynasty faction with Sky City as its capital. And to the south, Austin began the Empire faction with Sun City as its capital. Only time would tell the fates of the Human race.

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Over time, the wide variation of environments and cultures had put a considerable distance between the two peoples’ hearts.

*Episode III War between Dynasty and Empire*

After hundreds of years, the Human race finally managed to complete the rebuilding of their homes in their new settlements. The Golden Plain had since returned to its former environmental state, and so things were looking up for the Human race.

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It was not until the discovery of a rare and precious Magic Crystal-mine was discovered on the Golden Plain, a location between the two factions whose relationship was already strained at best, that their peaceful coexistence was broken. Huge failures in working out a system for dividing the resources led ultimately to violence between the two factions, when in the year 483 by the Empire Calendar, a herdsman discovered the lost Dominant Sword of Odin in the Golden Plain. With the power of this sword the peace between the Empire and the Dynasty was forever broken as Empire made efforts to invade Dynasty.


*Episode IV Nightmares*

Simultaneously, the ignorant misuse of the Dominant Sword by the Empire forces brought about another unexpected turn of events with disastrous consequences when the seal on the Dominant Sword was made falter and then cease to function, allowing the Devil Legions, still led by Lucifer, to be let out of Hell. Suffering from isolation had made the Death Legion so petty and vindictive. Their hostility was rather a ravage than a conquest. The overpowering smell of death which was created by Lucifer ran through the MagicLand very rapidly. All creatures became subject to him except for some remaining Humans.


*Episode V King’s Return*

Such is our history…It’s time we put aside the differences and prayed for a dream assembly of strong wills. When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going. For the sake of this mothering MagicLand, let’s be tasked with driving the Devils and the evil spells whence they came. Nothing is impossible for a divine heart. Go out there and get going!


Acknowledgements We’d like to give special thanks to Johnathon for whipping this article into shape.