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How to Get Title in Official Position System

Posted in: 06-27-2008           by: ben

Realize your dream game world order by making yourself a king of the kings! It is the 3rd MWO expansion package, Challenge to Throne Aggressiveness that has included this Official Position element. It allows average people to become even a king whose supreme power can subject peoples and overrule the decision of all other official titles.

So how do players step on the triumph of personal ambition? First of all, different official positions will be awarded to those countrymen who have qualified honor and reputation points. Dynasty Police Chief or Empire Army General has Knight’s elementary quest (with no requirement for reputation and honor points) On the completion of that quest, you will be rewarded with a Fight Pass and a Knight Pass. They are used for the title award quest.


When a player gets promoted as a Knight, the door that leads to glorious officership track starts to be open to you. The Knight Officer will be ushered into Palace at the Palace Guide with Dynasty (184, 180), Empire (160, 164) for any further official position info.

Requirements for accepting some official position quest include equivalent character level, reputation and honor points. Detailedly, reputation points can be gained or raised through some quests, plus some events or conditions will also change it. Also, reputation points must be maintained for it reduces over time. For example, completing the quest Heart of Reputation will do good to reputation maintenance. If a demotion happens from gradual loss of reputation, you need to do some corresponding promotion quest, with no other quest reward though.

Some Official Position Advantages: Original official position quests have great rewards, and are available to character at different level or with different official title. For example, random rewards will be very likely to present the lucky dog with first-grade or even unearthly items. Additionally, high-level official position quest will randomly give appraisal-worthy items. There’s a good possibility for these items to be appraised as items of best quality among the highest grade.

Besides, your character will gain extra attribute bonus from the award of all kinds of official titles: officership means bigger responsibility than average people, while responsibility requires equivalent match of capability.


The award of different ranks will be broadcast to the world channel. Official Position Ranks: Knight, Baronet, Baron, Vicomte, Earl, Marquis, Duke, Infante, Dey, Archduke, King. Ranks also relate to different right of house ownership.

You will be required by some official position quests to challenge Devils in an instance. You can be ushered into this instance by Dynasty Police Chief and Empire Army General, then you can tell Altar Presbyter your choice of challenge. You don’t have to give up the whole official position quest upon failure of this challenge. You can simply re-accept Fight Pass Quest at Palace Guide.


Future Content Example: Your official title will be able to give off different light in the game world together with your IGN, which is for the purpose of highlighting your influences and achievements. It’ll be free for high-level official position officer to address Humans across the world channel, for them to decide when to forbid PK to ensure safe trade relations between the two countries. In order to be prepared against state war, it’ll be available for the King to intervene in national economy, such as influence tax rate etc.

No pain, no gain. The supreme glory is right behind the toughest self challenge. See if your burning ambition is no luring illusion. Now in front of the prospect of officership frustration, officers are faced with the job, responsibility and honor of building a respected order for their country, for the world of Devils, and for the whole MagicLand.