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Intelligence on the Evil Zodiac

Posted in: 06-29-2008           by: iris

In the remote ancient war between Gods and Devils, countless souls of innocent Humans were lost. Gods’ Super Corps were also defeated by Death Legion, with their Gold Gear taken by Zodiac Masters who were only subordinate to Lucifer, Head of Devils. At last, it was Odin, King of Gods who managed to exchange his life for an end to this irreversible nightmare. The ultimate sacrificial act had reduced the remaining Gods and Humans to tears. To the Zodiac Masters, these tears simply functioned as a huge boost of ego, while to the alive Humans heroes, these tears symbolized their unyielding swear to pay the Zodiac Masters back.

“You Ever failed to heal a dying victim? To tell it straight, I’m no exception sometimes getting depressed by failure. Once I even thought to myself I would never lose heart in my professional career since I had gone through thousands of unsolvable difficulties as a healer. However, that frustration just occurred and I was then disheartened, and even disillusioned. I must confess it is almost inevitable for me and people to lose their head at the sight of the deadly wounded victim brought out from the sinful site, namely the Evil Zodiac, may Gods get rid of this damn Zodiac the next day!

That experience didn’t get me cautious enough. Misjudgement led to remorse afterwards… I shouldn’t have agreed to help them, the Adventurers’ Guild and the outshining Gale combo to risk their lives challenging that untouchable hell. I should have known it was too arduous and historical to be completed… Now very frequently, I will sit alone for hours in empty meditation, I couldn’t manage to free myself from being obsessed by the feelings of remorse and sorrow. May I be tortured much more, especially for the past team leader whose nickname WAS SolidGale, today’s well-known flabbydrunkard who has been seeking solace in alcohol in the pub day after day…”—Memoirs for the Sober Souls

The book had noted down some fragmented info about the 4 full sets of Gods’ lost Gold Gear. To make Zodiac Masters available for challenge, you need an item called Gods’ Tears, grouping strategy recommended.

Instance Basics: An instance is a fresh copy of the dungeon. The only players in the instance are members from your party. Players can also be tasked with main thread quests that relate only to the instance. Bosses in zones of this instance are typically more powerful than else where, so the use of good grouping strategies is necessary, with unvoiced consensus preferred. Greater rewards go for greater dangers!

For ages in the Evil Zodiac instance, these ugly Zodiac masters have been laughing at the petty power of Gods and Humans.

Malahidie, Keeper of the Undefeatable Record

As the weakest among the 12 born fighters for Lucifer, this Devils general has for countless times challenged and been challenged by innumerable Devils, Gods and Humans, always being ready to get into a close bloody combat with his beloved Great Demon Sword. His subordinates were once very disdainful to his mindlessness. He overused his power to impress those who refused to conform to his ego of arrogance. He now has built a team where all members enjoy bragging about themselves and playing down others.

Remiel, Regretful Soul
Once being an unprecedented happy child with a Humans father and a Gods mother, Remiel was pitilessly and severely punished late in his childhood for putting the honorable relationship of Gods and Humans into disorder. Kept in Empire Sona Prison for decades, he managed to free himself when all guards sent in Golden Plain for the all-out state war. Afterwards, partly due to Lucifer’s appreciation, he abandoned his compatriot to serve the Death Legion for Devils. However, his inborn bright power didn’t get along well with the bestowed dark power from Lucifer, which often caught him in the emotional abysm of hatred, grate and remorse. His mental status has been continuously detaching him from other Devils generals. He is now demoted by Lucifer to the 2nd Zodiac.

Sandalphon, Replicator of the Void
None has ever seen him face to face. Being so mysterious, he is rumored to be the shadow, the mirror image of the powerful Malelim, the Pope. However, the Empty 3rd Zodiac has never been nonexistent. The ghostlike 3rd Zodiac has been frustrating the confidence of many many daring challengers, with unrecoverable scars left in their minds.

Manuel, King of Sandie Kings
In the remote ancient war against Gods and Humans, his Giant Greed to kill Odin 1 VS 1 cost his life. Before death of his physical body, he managed to merge his spiritual mind into that of the Sandie King who was originally kind and gentle. Today, the evil and frightening monsters wandering in the Relic come from energy accumulation and reflection of that evil spirit. One among them has randomly absorbed the biggest part of Relic energy. He is now the master of the 4th Zodiac, the deep-rooted brutality of whom has been putting a considerable distance between him and his neighbors.

Verchiel, Lightening Racer
With the 5th Zodiac built in the snow field, Verchiel didn’t mean to make himself a professional ice skater. Kept underground in Hell by Odin and the Dominant Sword, he never stopped exercising the control over his evil wings. The effort finally paid him with unparalleled movement agility that outspeeds Lucifer. He almost moves at very high speed all the time, tearing his victims into parts before they could blink.

Hamaliel, Death Messenger
In the remote ancient war between Gods and Devils, this beast was lured by death atmosphere and transformed into Devils. After feeding on the corpse and absorbing their death atmosphere, it formed a Absolute Defense around himself.

Zuriel, Greed Collector
Very dedicated treasure item collector, great greed and average competitiveness of fighting power feature this Zodiac Master. However, money buys power, for its wealth has allowed it to recruit many many guards.

Barachiel, Lame Poison Master
Lucifer once made experiments to produce combined poisoning creature out of those similar creatures from Devils, Gods and Humans. It turned out to be a failure. Devils finally realized it was the genetically irreconcilable contradiction between the races that have resulted in this failure. Not having been abandoned, the outcome of the unsuccessful experiment managed to keep the great poisoning power in its weapon.

Adnachiel, Shadowed Shadow
Exists in the way of a shadow, with gloomy laughter resonating across the Zodiac, real power remaining an unidentified mystery…

Haniel, Brutal Blood Demon
A former great Saint Knight, after hurting one arm of Lucifer, he was infected with the Hell Flame. With the physical body lost, his soul became extremely vampire and no longer himself. Lucifer then refleshed and released his soul into a instictively attacking holybeast. Being no longer a walking corpse, he still keeps the hobby of killing his victims before pouring their blood all over his body, which may imply his sealed desire to bring himself to true flesh body and independant mind…

Cambiel, Degenerated Spirit
Renowned for its beauty and viciousness, tremendously narcissist, superciliously disdains all that ugliness and dirtiness, always putting airs and graces before Devils, however, she is herself before her pets. Excels at ice magic.

Barchiel, Great General
One honorable general of the Death Legion, in the remote ancient war against Gods and Humans, he managed to shield Devils before the radioactively shining Dominant Sword to retreat into the Hell. The once strongest Zodiac master, now stays in the 12th Zodiac recuperating, also noted for his stable military man characteristics which makes him unwilling to kill puny Humans.

Melilim, Immortal Angel
According to legend, he is the King of the Air Forces, Master Angel among the Falling Angels that once made the pure soil and sea water become bitter. Killing numerous Gods in the remote ancient war, he has the strongest darkness magic power among Devils, now directly subordinate to Lucifer.