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Lucky Hammer! Try Your Luck!

Posted in: 04-16-2009           by: john

Lucky Hammer is a new system offering extra prizes for players in Magic World Online.

We offer 7 big eggs in which hides 7 different surprises for you, such as stamps and Hatching Formula Potion. But the level of prize in each egg is different!

If you want to have a try, please get a Hammer first! Click the Mall icon and find the Hammer in Fun panel. Tell you a secret! When your character is at level 45 you can claim a Hammer (from MWO Ambassador) as well!

When you have got the Hammer, it’s time to try your luck!

First right click the Hammer to pop up a SMASH page! Now have a try!

Tip: Once you bang into an empty egg you will leave here with nothing. Worse, what you have got last time will disappear as well! Can you withstand the temptation of big prize?

Remember, if you choose to smash again, you will lose all items you gained from previous eggs.