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Patch update version 0418

Posted in: 04-18-2009           by: john

1.Lower the equipment drop rate when character died

2.New System: Hammering Eggs

3.Adjust the list of lv 45 everyday prize

4.Fix the bot in Ice Mountain and Bog

5.New Map: Dark Fort Illusion. Get in by the Battle Frontline Officer in golden plain.

6.Compose Deva Armor and Weapon at Blacksmith in Sky City or Sun City

7.Increase the success rate on composing Blessed Crystal (M) and (L) to 100%

8.Adjust the prices of some items in MWO Mall

9.Add Lucky Hammer to MWO Mall

10.Since we have improved the map of Bog and Ice mountain, the old mnemonic symbols which recorded the Bog and Ice mountain will not be useful. Please throw them away and get the new ones! Sorry for inconvenience!