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State War Catapult

Posted in: 06-27-2008           by: ben

Blacksmith Workshop among the guild buildings can be upgraded to be able to produce Catapult. The very first level of Catapult is called Ordinary Catapult. It’ll get improved as its upgrade goes further. Catapult can exist in the form of backpack item, so that it can be carried wherever accessible. Right click on the Catapult’s portable item form to transform it into a controllable fighting form.


Catapult was first used by Empire to attack Golden City of Dynasty. Empire intentionally shaped the Catapult into the appearance of a huge scorpion, which was meant to give Dynasty the implication that this great siege machine had great destructive poisoning power.


Catapult needs Ammo supplies which can also be produced in the Blacksmith Workshop. Ammo differs in power. The most destructive ammo comes from the most valuable resources. Double click to open Catapult, then drag and drop backpack ammo into the Catapult cartridge.


Tell your catapult a designated coordinates you want it to pitch power.


You can input the coordinates by holding Shift and right clicking on some map scene, or you can do that by opening the sketch map (Press Tab or M) and select a location.

sky garden

Click Attack Button to enable Catapult’s uninterrupted bombardment. Then you can rest easy enjoying its unparalleled Attack Range and Attack Power together with an area of effect splashed damage.

People who use Catapult in a smart way will turn the warring situation largely to their advantage!