Game Intro

The Call of The Hero Island

Posted in: 06-29-2008           by: iris

The spacious MagicLand is far beyond the control of Humans. There are still so many perilous places need to be explored, with some even unreachable sites. Aside from that, far away from the coastline of Magocean and Armed Coast lies the vast sea area and the mysterious scattered islands which are still unknown to Humans. With possible threats from the opposing side, these mysterious and perilous regions can be hell for lack-daring.

Go from Armed Coast to the ocean, or along Crimson Fort into the sea, located far from the continent, there’s a seemingly quiet island, Hero Island. No title had ever been given to this island since the visit of Odin. Unexpectedly, he found Devils had long taken it as an advanced training base. So Odin and several members of his Super Corps skillfully managed to teach them a lesson by killing all the drillmasters and destroying all the drilling equipment and material. After that, this island has become a training field for Gods, Humans Heroes vs the remaining trainee Devils. Later, for centuries after Odin had passed away, these trainee Devils had the chance to change their fate. They managed to enslave the original citizens of the island generation after generation. What’s more, they’ve improved their fighting abilities tremendously, no longer being the victim to be easily challenged…

It is time to strike back. Heroes, unite to liberate Hero Island!