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Bot Auto Sell and Auto Buy

Posted in: 04-5-2008           by: ben

The following is from the original work of Phoeniix. Click here to read this piece of writing with comment in forum.

Bot auto sell and auto buy

I noticed several people asking for help with this so here goes……
open the bot menu, click item tab,,scroll through list to find the group of items like magic potions etc. Click it. This opens another list where you may choose what type, Large MP potion,etc.

Highlight the item in the list u want to buy double click it, top number is the number u purchase, bottom number, when that is all you have in stock, the bot goes to buy said item..

To auto sell items, first you can sell an entire group such as all swords, by highlighting swords on the left and clicking the tab AUTOSELL on the left but it will sell all but a few gold ones be careful. Single items just double click them then put a check in the autosell box.

clicking autosell for a single item
this one shows me clicking to sell an entire group
setting up an auto purchase get to this point click ok and u r done
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