Instance Challenge

Royal Prison Instance

Posted in: 05-6-2008           by: ben

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Royal Prison Instance

The instance should be done with at least 4 people for decent results. You should have at least 1 tank, one damage dealer, and 2 healers. The ideal group contains 1 Temple Warrior, 1 Dire Warrior, and 2 Nature Guards.

The normal monsters in the area are relatively easy to kill and range in level from 43 to 45 at the beginning of the area.

The main bosses in the area are difficult and may take some time. The bosses are as follows:

  1. Ralph, the Soulflayer - Level 42
    - Melee Hitter / Hits Hard / Can be tanked around level 48 with 2 healers.
    Ralph, the Soulflayer
  2. Parker, the Rat King - Level 44
    - Melee Hitter / Hits Moderately Hard / Must be Tanked / Slow motion effect when anywhere near him.
    Parker, the Rat King
  3. Saman, the Condemned Hunter - Level 46
    - Melee Hitter / Hits Very Hard / Cannot be Tanked at level 48 with 2 healers
    Saman, the Condemned King
  4. Wafey - the ??? - Level 48?
    - Mage Hitter / Hits Extremely Hard / Healers be ready
    - Note: Wafey starts out locked in a sealed statue in the center of the round room. Be careful that you do not attack this before you are ready for the fight. He is released from the sealed statue with minions.
    Sealed StatueWafey

5. Vincent The Ancient Beast - Level 50 (special quest boss) Quest= Freedom

This boss is just to the southeast of Wafey\’s statue room. Hits extremly hard and has 2.4mil hp.