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MWO Advice and Things There

Posted in: 07-21-2008           by: tkung14430

Dear People,

    You (REALLY) should (PLAY) this game and it’s really fun. It has mermaid, turtles, wolfs,etc. You kill them with weapon’s  and it has to be you level. There are potions to help you to heal your health. The red bar means your health like blood and the blue bars means you run out of magic. You need to talk and buy books from your mentor such archer,warrior, mage, and more. There are houses in Beverly Hills you need deed level which I don’t no how to get. You get to buy furniture for your house. You have a mall which you can buy stuff if your a platinum which is a member. Theres lots of weapons and stuff to do, lots to buy, and more. When you have higher levels you will know if you can switch to a mage, and more. There are lots of places you can go and there are certain lvls you can kill monsters, etc. You also can have armor, and more. Hope you play and sign up for MWO.