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Quick Guide about Guild Wars

Posted in: 07-5-2008           by: rafko

Guild wars can be made against guilds in the same country or the opposing one. U need to buy the Guild War Proclamation from the mall (it costs 10 plats) then chose a guild u want to guild war with. When u do that, the guild president of the other guild will receive a demand of resources and gold. i think he will pay if he doesn’t want to go to war. If he does not pay, the war will start at a random time from 0-7hrs from when the war announcement will be sent, and a message will pop up to tell when it starts. Then the attacking guild members will get to the guild hall of the guild they are going to attack. this makes it harder to attack the guilds from the apposing side cause u need someone whit teleport or braveattack to get to their guilds and then use wings to get ppl in. Eventually more guilds will be placed in neutral zones when they reach senior lvl. i think its past lvl 10 when the guildhall must be moved to a neutral zone.

when the war starts, ppl are gathered in the guild battlemap. The defending guild must defend their heart of the guild at all cost. If the heart of the guild is lost they will lose the guild war to the attackers. The attackers have 120 minutes to get past the guild walls by destroying their towers in front of the walls. Then the drawbridge drops and they can go near the guild heart. They have to destroy the guild heart before the time runs out. If they win the war they get 5k guild experience. The guild that was attacked will degrade or lose some of its buildings. If all their buildings are gray then their guild is destroyed.