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State War

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( This writing comes from MWO WiKi. If you have more to share on this topic, please feel free to ADD your words. )

Introduction to State War

State War

The state war is a massive battle between the Dynasty and Empire states. The war takes place on the Golden Plains map every Saturday starting at 7PM PST. The ultimate goal of the state war is to capture the opposing side’s properties. Every player above level 30 is invited to participate.

How to Join

Requirements: Character level of 30

As previously mentioned, the state war begins at 7PM PST. Since there are players from all around the world, you may have to figure out what time the war is using time zones. Fortunately, there are many websites that allow you to do this easily. If you do not live in PST, please visit one of the following websites and follow the directions to determine the “correct” time for you.

Time Zone Converter
Interactive Time Zone Map
The World Clock
World Time Server
The next step is to enter the Golden Plains map. If you are Dynasty go from Sky City go to the Armed Coast map and to the left to enter Golden Plains. Empire players will have to go from Sun City to the Hope Oasis map and all the way to the top to enter Golden Plains. Of course, you can always just set your MWO Robot to bring you to the correct map. Entering the map will automatically enter you in the war. A few players have encountered a glitch that does not transport you to the correct map if you entered the Golden Plains map before the war starts. If you do not see any players from the opposing side, just leave the map and re-enter. You should not be able to see the normal Golden Plains mobs.

General Information

Once you enter the map, you will be inside a fort. to leave the fort you must talk to the Battleground Teleporter. He is located at the right side of the fort and will teleport you to the North, Center, or Southern gate. From here you will enter the field. If it’s your first time participating you can run around and scope things out. Remember to bring plenty of HP/MP potions and to stay with your party. If you die you will be sent back to the fort and will have to talk to the teleporter again to start over.


All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when ableto attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seeminactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are faraway; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

As we all know, strategy is a vital part of winning any battle. The same applies during the State war.

I. Teams
Every player participating should be in a party. This is the equivalent of a brigade or unit in a real war. The best teams have members from each class who are within the same level range. Decide who will be the leader of the group, and don’t forget that healers will be a vital part of your survival and to protect them.

II. Choose a General
Each country should choose a player who is very experienced to lead everyone. Without a solid leader, it will be a short time before the more organized side is able to overcome the disorderly side. The war will become far easier if you listen to your leader.

III. Defend vs. Attack
The ultimate goal of the State war is to rack up ‘Glory Points’. Glory points are obtained by killing opposing players or capturing their properties. A good army will know when to attack the opposing side to gain glory and when to defend itself from overwhelming attack. If your side is behind in glory points, it may be a good idea to defend your remaining properties and gain glory points by killing those attacking it.

Communication is also a very important part. Remember to inform your countrymen of any activity made by the other side.

Also, there are NPCs that will attack you that are controlled by the opposing side. I normally avoid these NPCs as they are very powerful and focus on PKing and attack the Steeles.

Glory Points & Winning Wars

Glory Points are the most important thing to consider during a State War since they decide the ultimate winner. They can be obtained by killing players from the opposing army, destroying/capturing their properties. At the end of one hour, the side with the most glory points wins and players who earned enough glory are rewarded with War Packages that may contain Legend gears. At the end of the war, you will be transported to your main city where you can see who garnered the most glory points and check your backpack where you may find your reward.