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Guide to Growing Weapon Synthesis

Posted in: 04-20-2008           by: ben

The following is from the original work of percy1105. Click here to read this piece of writing with comment in MWO forum.

Guide I :Growing Weapon

Tuesday april 08 2008 [6:033 pm to 8:16pm ]
if i missed something ; feel free to tell me here or pm me in game ; if u want to pm in game just write : ” /Maki “[dynasty]

Growing weapon (abbreviated as Gweapon) comes from Gweapon quest at level 20 or above.

Gweapon questgivers are Sharison in Magocean Village, Dynasty or Billy in Blaze Cliff, Empire.

When u manage to complete the Gweapon quest, u’ll be rewarded with soul of Gweapon, the original form before a ready-to-grow Gweapon. Try your luck to activate the Gweapon soul into one of the following majors:
*Physical Attack

*Skill Attack

*Critical Strike Rating



GWeapon Upgrade

1/ Put ur Gweapon in here.

2/ Put sacrificial weapon (Fweapon, the one to be feeded) in here.

3/ U will need a technologic stone for Gweapon to proceed to +3, +4…etc

4/ As you know that an athlete becomes less flexible as develops on his or her professional track, so does the Gweapon. Success rate of Gweapon upgrade will reduce as Gweapon continues to upgrade. For example,
_ 1 ==>2 =100%
_ 2 ==>3 90%
_ 3 ==>4 70% 1 technologic stone
_ 4 ==>5 50% 1 technologic stone
_ 5 ==>6 25% 1 technologic stone
_ 6 ==>7 15% 2 technologic stones

- At this point, we will need special crystals to increase success rate in Gweapon upgrade. We can buy them from Mall such as Blessed crystal {S} I.

- Blessed crystal I will increase 7% success rate only[from 3-4 then from 4 to 5 it will be 5%]. However, we can combine 3 Blessed crystal I with 3 magic stones to increase the success rate to what A Blessed Crystal II does. Similarly, combine 3 Blessed Crystal II[10%] with 5 magic stones to equalize the success rate from A Blessed Crystal III [15%].

5/ Put blacksmith’s heart or craftman’s heart in here

6/ Put crystals such as : Soul Protect Crystal - Burning Point Crystal

A/ we can grow Gweapon from 1 to 20

B/ When your weapon are +3 and you want to make +4, you will need technologic stone
- where to find technologic stone?
the answer is : from mobs

C/Now i will tell you about : blacksmith’s heart and craftman’s heart
-blacksmith’s heart : it will keep the level of your Gweapon even if u feed it with a weapon at level 48.
for example : my Gweapon is level 12 and i just want to grow my weapon [ such as +2 3 4 5..etc] so i will absorb it with any kind of weapon +blacksmith’s heart .

-craftman’s heart : it will keep Gweapon atttribute [as colorized in blue in the Gweapon tooltip] unchanged in an upgrade; not the sacrificial weapon
for example : my Gweapon is level 12 with awesome att, i will choose to preserve its att by using craftman’s heart .

you can use only 1 of the 2 hearts when u are trying to grow your weapon at blacksmith NPC. put them into number 5.

D/ THIS IS IMPORTANT ; “life burning point” is very important to ur G-weapon; if Gweapon failed to upgrade, Gweapon will remain in ur inventory with crystal and other material things lost. But if your burning point is 1 and you upgrade and fail ; you will lost your Gweapon. So pay attention to your Gweapon llife point.

E/ You have to train your Gweapon from 0% exp to 100% exp then u can grow ur weapon[absorb another weapon]. if you don train it or your soul weapon is 99% exp; you still can not upgrade it [+2 3 4 5... etc].

F/ You can not absorb a sword with a bow [only absorb weapons same as your Gweapon's class