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Summary of Freebies Giveaway!

Posted in: 10-28-2008           by: iris

Since Magic World Online is a totally free-to-play game, there are many ways in game that players can receive a lot of free items. You may wonder how and where to get these freebies. In order to help refresh your memory, we made this Free Gift Summary for you.

A. Everyone can get free platinum when reaching level 40! Players from Server BitComet and BitComet II could claim 100 free platinum from our GM by handing a ticket at when Lv40 is reached; Players from Server BitComet III can go to the NPC, MWO Ambassador (Sky City: 200,160; Sun City: 175, 175) to acquire the 50 free platinum! If you have claimed it before from NPC, you can’t claim it again through ticket!. Meanwhile if anyone creates too many characters to abuse this system, we will ban them to make it fair for others.

B. MWO Ambassador also offers many free items to you each day, once you are above level 45. The free items are: three Bliss exp stones (S) on Monday; a rare sapphire on Tuesday; three world radios on Wednesday; A set of Mnemonic Symbol on Thursday? a Friendship Wing on Friday; three Bliss Exp Crystals (D) on Saturday; and a Friendship wing on Sunday.

C. If you are level 45 or higher, you can receive a certain amount of Exp Crystals (D) every Thursday at MWO Ambassador. If you are between level 45 and 59, you can get 7 Crystals; If you are level between 60 and 69, you can get 10 Crystals. If you are above level 70, you can get 20 Crystals!

D. If you have a newbie gift code when you register MWO, you can get a novice sack at NPC Prize Exchanger (Magocean: 319, 38; Blaze Cliff: 327, 332). Open it and you will get two sets of equipment and some cash for your journey. Currently you can get a newbie gift code at our media partner From time to time we may partner with other game sites to offer these newbie gift codes.

E. If you play on server Bitcomet or Bitcomet II (Mcomet), you can exchange your Bitcomet Scores into platinum in MWO at More scores, more platinum.