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Beast Camp

Posted in: 05-2-2008           by: ben

This is a piece of writing from the original work of percy1105. Click here to read it in MWO forum.

yeah finally we are level 35+ now , beast camp will be war map between emprie and dynasty . i like this map because we can train level and can fight against the other players too.

look at left side; its empire town . if u are strong and wana try their map then just go there [ but don go to their town because their guard give u special welcome and u will push up on the floor:D .

look on the right side u can see Tunel M . its good place for training level instead of beast camp.

in my opinion ; illusionist and summoner[ level should be 36+ so can solo here.] should train level at 37-38 nearby GM . because it’s safe and mobs are not too strong and not too many mobs here too.

normally we always bot at level 39-40 but its hard because we will train next to boss thats why i did not train level in beast camp. i always train in Tunel and prison , and this is dangerous zone for us too because empire will train level here.

Elites here will give u box 5 [i will talk about box 5 at the end of guide II]. they are not too hard but becase too many mobs around them so sometime we will die by mobs around elite. so when u are fighting against elite; make sure that hit and run [ when ur hp is lower than ur expect ] don try to kill them and pick up items at same time. its dangerous . when u die u will lose all of items too. and when they die; u don have to risk ur life to pick up items. just fall back then run around then open bot again[kill them then turn off] so when u open bot again; ur robot will automatic pick up items.

How to kill 2 bosses here! First of all, u need a warrior who has def around 426 and hp must be over 12k hp because at def 426 and hp 12k+ Gaint axe [ boss melee] hit me around 8000 hp[ sometime less].so try ur best lure him out the boss range in there. so just use trick [ 1 lure and the rest hit him:D. he will die . About boss range; its little bit hard but its easy if u use 2 rings mp[ the one which will give u dodge= def rate] so now boss will miss u lots - don use archer lure him because archer has low hp and def even archer has def rate but if he gets hit. im sure that its dangerous and ur team may die. so here we go;if u do as what i said above; then 2 bosses will die now .^^ victory!!