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Hawk Fall

Posted in: 05-2-2008           by: ben

This is a piece of writing from the original work of percy1105. Click here to read it in MWO forum.

in this map, mobs are really nice; i like werewolf warrior much . they look cute and powerful :D .in Hawk Fall ; u should train at level 28 to 29 first [ if u don wana train in hole 3; this is a good place for you. but don go too deep because there we have to face many mobs so its little bit hard for solo and try to avoid boss .

boss level 38 and he has a skill aoe [ like bomb] everyone who stands next to him will die . my hp was around 6k+; just 1 hit i lost around 4k already. so its really dangerous and try to avoid him or u can kill him with a team [ 1 archer and 1 healer and 1 warrior- dire warrior is good class for hunting boss because they have high dmg but weak def ].

also try to avoide those elites middle ;they are hard to kill because of so many monsters around them. they walk around like a group of friends…. ; but i can say that hawk fall is not good place for training level but hawk fall is good for hunting skill book 28 and boss drops 33 and 36.

you should train at 28 -29 then 29-31 when u are sure that u are 30 [31] then u should leave here and go to goblin tribe.

and remember npc on the top right side; he will give u some quests [ royal prison instance]