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Magocean Village

Posted in: 05-2-2008           by: ben

This is a piece of writing from the original work of percy1105. Click here to read it in MWO forum.


First of all, magocean village is our first home and its not hard to up level . From level 1 to level 5 just go out and kill mobs around. when u are level 5 already then across the bridge and kill mobs level 6 and 7 over there. Remember 1 thing ; that elite may respawn there too ; i got one in close beta 1 but i could not find again in this close beta 2 so i did not put it into picture.
When u are level 8 already ; u can try to kill mobs level 8 above ,its not too hard even ur class is summoner .Or u can kill mobs level 9 on the left side too but be careful because boss may be there because some players may lure the boss there . Ok right now im sure that u are level 10  and u can go to sky city. sky city will be ur second hometown.