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Royal Prison

Posted in: 05-2-2008           by: ben

This is a piece of writing from the original work of Maufaett. Click here to read it in MWO WiKi.

This map is a good place to level up from level 40 to 45+ (you can stay till 50).
-There are about 10x the amount of monsters inside then that of a normal map.
-There are no Elites or Bosses in this map.
-All the monsters in here also exist outside too but here they have "Prisoned" before their name.
(for example: in Spirit Tomb you can find "Flamen Wraith" but inside here its called "Prisoned Flamen Wraith")
-MAKE SURE you have a Scroll of City in your backpack before you enter, because there is no exit.


Go to Sun City and talk with Jerry the Prison Guard and use "[Teleportation] Royal Prison (Fee 5000)"
thats right you have to pay 5000 gold everytime you enter!

(Note: Be careful if you use the Robot in here as you could wake up with no gold because of your bot dieing and running back several hundred times).

The Map + Legend


1 - Female Spy

A - Prisoned Executioner (lvl 45)
B - Prisoned Flamen Wraith (lvl 44)
C - Prisoned Blue Light Wraith (lvl 43)
D - Prisoned Bloodshadow Ghost (lvl 42)
E - Prisoned Statue Demon (lvl 40)