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Skeleton hole III

Posted in: 05-2-2008           by: ben

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exactly i don like this hole III :D because they have range mobs here[ mage] so my warrior will get killed easily .:D and also boss level 35 is here too.

lets talk about boss 35.exactly u can not solo him except u are range char such as archer-mage] but if u are warrior u should need 2 people [ 1 lure him and 1 att him]

remember that don use any curse [ from summoner] because he will turn to that person and i have 1 thing that i don understand. sometimes i use skill and he turns to me but sometime i use skill ; he did not turn to me . [ i killed him so many times like i have 3meals per day . and i did not find anything good from him... don know why but its true..... [ he also drops book 30+ ; im not sure that he will drop book 24 or not ].