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“Nirvana” Volume 1—Holy Light from Heaven

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All of the creatures inhabiting the Magic Land do so safely under the protection of Odin. Human beings live peacefully and happily with the blessing of the Gods. But an ancient war destroyed the original life in the Magic Land. Luckily, the arrival of Deva brought the land temporary peace.

Sadly, a more fierce war afterward drove human beings to cower on the brink of doom for the first time and forced the Gods to use up the power of light to fight against the limitless darkness.

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—-Magic Heroes Calendar 1051

Although it is rather dangerous, the God of Light used the “Devil-killing Godsword” to rid the land of evildoers and returned peace once more. The Devil of darkness’s arbitrary force pushed the God of light into infusing his spirit with a holy seal to finally block off the exit of hell.

The land was colored red with blood and the night wind was full of the smell of death from when the last Dynasty warrior fell down during a fierce war on the Golden Plain. Not until the blood infiltrated the hell, dripping around the edge of the Seal did the Devil found out that the Seal had been broken. The Devil, Dark Lucifer, who had waited for thousands of years, was overjoyed. He led his undead corps to the land immediately. The broken Seal was easily destroyed. Millions of warriors instantly had their souls ripped from their bodies and became Devil’s puppets. The Sun City, without time for a warning, was soon laid in ruins.

While the Devil was reigning supreme under the cover of darkness, the smell of death was spread over the whole land. Every dead creature rose anew from the soil from the merest hint of the devil breath, including the Deva who were sacrificed in the ancient war.

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When the Sky-stabbing Godsword (held by the Super Corps Leader) that appeared on the Golden Plain by chance was brought to Empire, the leader’s body was separated from his Godsword. In the Sun City, the leader and his army were revived by the breath of evil and started to massacre in the city. All the corps members had already lost their holy light. Their entire bodies were black and their eyes gleamed with dark light.

The Deva was also revived as well as the soul of the eastern, southern, western and northern guardian angels who are Deity of wind, Deity of fire, Deity of thunder and Deity of lightning respectively. All the Gods had been absorbed by the Devil of the Darkest Night. And now they were controlled by dark forces, becoming the killing-tools of the Devil.

The wind crazily blew in the east of the Magic Land. The fire lighted up the sky in the South. It was thundering and lightning in both the West and North. The whole magic ocean had been colored a murky black with all kinds of undead creatures. The scorched skeleton dust blew in the wind. The scorching fire was accompanied by fierce thunder and lightning. There were only Demons, undead creatures, controlled Gods and soulless humans left in the land. All these were the possessions of the Devil of Dark Night. The Devil thought that all of the Gods were in his control. With this he separated the essence of Death from his body, allowing himself to kill throughout the land more crazily and wantonly.

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The Deathly soul separated from Devil’s body started the fiercest main attack yet, heading directly towards the Deva’s headquarters—Ice Mountain. They ferociously used the demented soul reapers who had fallen into their hands to crazily slaughter all the creatures rising against them. There was a legend said that in the ancient ages, God’s Palace was the place where God of light possessed their mightiest power. It was a holy place once respected and adored by humans over one thousand years ago. But now it was totally occupied by Death. When the entire territory, all the creatures, humans, and Gods became controlled by the Devil of the Darkest Night, the unusual fluctuations in spiritual energy brought about changes in the surrounding space. The mighty holy power pushed Death aside. A holy giant angel came down from the sky. For the first time, even Death began to shiver and couldn’t believe his own eyes. The God of war who had kept him in captivity in Hell for thousands of years was holding the Hell’s Seal— the Devil-killing Godsword and standing directly before him.

The Godsword being held against the Devil was different from what it used to be. The bright light had such power that even Death couldn’t open its eyes at all. The sacred aura exuding from the God of war suddenly gave him the feeling of his soul’s inconsequence. Before Death had a chance to respond, the God of war evaporated Death with a gesture of his hand. The Devil felt the end of Death far away. The Holy light from heaven, lighting up the Ice Mountain make him see that the Deva had returned. Before long, the Deva who were originally under the control of Devil were all awakened by the Holy Light. And the black color of their entire bodies eradiated into their normal Holy Aura. The Super corps leader raised the Godsword, leading all the Deva to take arms against the Devils. Guardian Angels in the East, South, West, and North all unite together with mad wind, scorching fire, thunder and lightning to attack the undead creatures.

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The Devil, reluctant to give up his success like this, tried to extend his death breath across the land once more. The overwhelming darkness was strong enough that even God of War was at the edge of failure. In order to save the land, the God of war combined his genuine body and the weapon the Devil-killing Godsword to form the renewed Seal and forces Devil to go back to Hell. In order to ensure that the Devil could not come back again, the super corps leader also combined his genuine body with his weapon, the Sky-stabbing Godsword, to form the second Seal and seals off the exit of Hell completely.

The God of Light descends from heaven at the moment Devil disappears from the land. The bright Holy Light he exuded dispelled the boundless darkness. The skies over the Magic Land regained the brightness they once held, filling the people with hope.