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“Nirvana” Volume 2 —The Way Back Home

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Magic Hero Calendar 1070

When shrouded in the air of death from Dark Night Devil, the humans in Dynasty and Empire were driven to desperation. At that time human beings chose to ignore the hostility between each other and joined hands together temporarily to look for their place to stay alive. In the end, they found the Turtle Island far away from the Magic Land. However, the island was not safe. The Furious Devil, the Dark Devil, Miyatollah Alchemist and Miyatollah Sophists on the island started a fierce battle against the humans. But comparing with Dark Night Devil, these intermediate Devils brought the humans only the least damage.

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No one knew how long the darkness had controlled the whole world. But suddenly one day, Holy Light befell from the sky. The darkness disappeared, the sunshine appeared, and Devils on the Turtle Island all disappeared. The hidden people on the island knew that God blessed them again as well as the whole Magic Land. The excited humans quickly packed their baggage and left the Turtle Island. The people in Dynasty and Empire respectively stepped on their way home.

The joy of returning home shattered as soon as they saw the Magic Land. After the big war, the piercing wind, the rage sandstorm, the unpreventable quicksand and the uneven tunnels covered this land. Nothing left after the war. The humans once again have to find their own place to stay from nothing. Luckily, the original Dynasty’s and Empire’s layouts were still there. The people just need to reconstruct their own domains afresh, which was a great relief to the humans who were alive from the verge of death.

Three years later.

The glory of flourishing Dynasty


Thirty years spent and millions of manpower exhausted, the Sky City, once the greatest city in the land is still magnificent as its name and still the place where the whole land can’t surmount. The whole city’s construction is the same as what it was. There are four dignity giant dragons on the four magnificent city gates, awing the devils form four directions. The Zhuque street and Xuanwu Street in the city gate divide the city into three parts. The God River’s waterfall assembles as a lake in the city center. An exquisite and white marble bridge associates the whole city. On the top of the city stands the noble palace. There are prosperous business area and elites-gathering labor union area on each side of the palace.

The Xuanwu Street stretching from the palace directly reaches the city gate, dividing the city into the scholar-gathering area and tourists-crowded hotel area. During the short fifteen years, the hard-working humans realize the great contribution that hasn’t been achieved before. Dozens of

Main cities are springing up. The countless cities and towns cover the broad northern land. An invisible administration network integrates the humans all over the north part as one. And the heart is in the Sky City.


The brilliance of the Blaze Empire

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Having gone through a long construction, the Empire’s people rebuild the capital city. A magnificent city is built around the edge of oasis. Nothing can describe its mighty. The humans’ living surroundings are dreadfully dangerous. Facing such a harsh environment, the humans have to be on the alert always and keep a close watch on any signal of danger. This city fully represents a wild complex. Even the noblest palace in the city is built by their architects aggressively.

It cost quite a long time for the humans of Dynasty and Empire to take such a long road to go home. They are all waiting. It’s worth waiting to see the scene just the same as before. The humans finally make their dream come true. On the way home, people died one by one. But people just do what we say. One year passed, two years or three years—– Something they have searched for is called belief.

Nothing can prevent the humans from pursuing their wish of the life they look forward to, even the magnificent mountain, the roaring torrents, the rage plague, or the horrifying beasts.