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“Nirvana” — Volume 3 Three Thousand Years Celebration

Posted in: 06-28-2010           by: john

Magic calendar—1003
The dream which had been achieved and shattered made a halt in the past winter. The humans finally could welcome the brightness with the painful wait. After thirty years, the people wore smile and took off their heavy clothes. They salute the coming of the awakening spring and the celebration of three thousand years.
Though the Sky City and the Sun City are respectively located in the land’s southern part and northern part, today they are both decorated with lanterns and colored ribbons and ablaze with lights. And in the both cities the red carpets directly reach the palace’s gate. All that they do is to celebrate three thousand year’s residence in the land.

dynasty celebration
King of Dynasty stands on the high city tower to tell his couriers and civilians what his ancestor said: “We have gone through the hard times together. We won today’s achievements with our sweat, blood and even life. Nowadays Empire is prosperous and its people are strong and its full-reconstruction is underway. We pray to God for our prosperous.” In a moment the flowers rain fall down from the sky and the people burst into thunderous cheers.

empire celebration
The prince of Empire stands at the palace in the aggressive Sun City telling his people the ancestor’s instruction: “We passed through the vast sand sea and the shadow of plague. We won a victory over the bloody beasts and the wily alamans with our own strength. We make every firm step to walk here until today. Victory belongs to all of our people!”
Innumerable fireworks set off in the sky, which constitutes the most beautiful scene with the fireworks of the northern Sky City. The humans haven’t seen so many fireworks for so long. It has been quite a long time since they felt about happiness last time.