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“Nirvana” — Volume 4 Holy Mission

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Since the birth of the Magic Land, all the creatures surviving in the land have been in the protection of Odin. And Odin blessed the humans in order to make them live in the land peacefully and happily. However, devils deserted by God are still surviving under the earth. They desire to recapture the control of the land.
After the war against Devils again and again, the humans realize that without the help of Deva, they can’t survive in the land at all. Therefore, the humans held a harvest sacrifices celebration on July 7 every year. But the sacrifice this year is totally different from what it used to be.

The humans are aware that dark Night Devil is sealed by Gods in Hell, but how can he give in like that? He desires the joy of victory after the failure once again. Underneath the remote Hell, he trains his Undead Corps more actively. He makes more efforts to gather power.
During thousands of years, the people of Dynasty and Empire have never hold a sacrifice in the Golden Plain except the breakout of the wars. And this is the time of three thousand years celebration in the Magic Land. The humans just have gone through the war. The people of Dynasty and Empire first unite together to cheer up their warriors, to make more warriors stand up and to establish the development of humans in the future. Both of the cities send their chief executives to take part in the sacrifice in the Golden Plain.

Magic calendar—July 7 100, harvest sacrifices day
The Dynasty sacrifice corps led by Noah, the Earl mainly comprises Saul, the Baron, Jonny, the Loyal Army Command, Emilio, the Knight. The Empire sacrifices corps led by Graham, the Marquis mainly comprises Arou, the Baron, Cohen, the Captain, and Empire Army General. Both of the countries send their prime ministers, prime minister assistants, ministers of internal affairs, financial ministers, Intelligence Agency Principals, and wardens.
As soon as the sacrifice begins, the Magic Land is immersed in the joy of an abundant harvest of all food crops. The people gather together to hold the sacrifices in the moonlight, sincerely praying. After that, the Senior Clerks of Dynasty and Empire both arrive in the Golden city.
The cost of wars is always cruel. After the long and dark war, the number of the people decreases dramatically. Too many young and brave warriors lost their life in the war. Most of the people left in the land are the old, weak, sick, disabled and some helpless children. The humans’ power resisting Devils is too small. “Our loss this time is too disastrous.” said Noah, the Earl in the Golden City.
After ten-day heated discussion, both parties reach final agreement. Originally the humans in the land set up four different classes such as warrior, archer, summoner and mage according to their own conditions. Every different class must go through the strict selection before the higher practice. The original system only set up four tests of class transfer. This time both of the countries decide that they will open the fifth one. They want to train more talented and more capable warriors. At the same time, both of the countries make brand-new equipments so as to match with their class better.

Three years passed, in order to dispel Devils and complete ultimate holy mission, the people won’t stop their steps to grow and uncompromised willpower will push the people to keep moving forward.