Newbie Guide

12 Things You Must Know for MWO

Posted in: 05-9-2008           by: ben

1. You can open the mailbox and get the item you have purchased in auction.

2. Press PrintScreen in game and you’ll get a screenshot in Your Game Folder\Snapshot

3. Pet mount can not be seen during calfhood! You can only ride mount when it grows up.

4. Open your package, and press SHIFT while right-click over the equipment then every player can see your equipment attribute in the chat window.

5. The Killer Queen Wasp (Elite) is in the Novice Village, hiding in other wasps. It is an elite monster, so please be patient to wait it shows up.

6. Finish random quest firstly and then go to the appointed NPC to claim the prize.

7. If you kill the monsters whose level is much lower than yours, you can only get 1 Exp!

8. You need to enable auto back to appointed area in MWO Robot first. Then when you are dead, robot will go back automatically.

9. You cannot take off the mount when the pet hungry degree is 0, please feed it first!

10. You cannot deposit golds in the warehouse, unless you exchange them into gold bar. (2,000,000 golds / 1 gold bar)

11. Pet feeder is in the residential area, you can be transferred there via the teleporter in royal city.

12. If the player died in the game unfortunately, Pet, equipment, items in the bag all have chance to be lost.