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Auction House

Posted in: 05-6-2008           by: ben

( This writing is the original work of Aiwarz in MWO WiKi. If you have more to share on this topic, please feel free to ADD your words. )

Auction Hause
is a wery nice feature, you can sell your items while you lvling, even when ur offline!
Ok this is how it works! :

1-The Teleporter will bring you to Auction hause for free of charge!

2- You have to use Auction Permits to put some items up for auction, 10 permits cost 2k! (not so bad)

3- You can put your items for sale, for 3 hours (cot of 1 permit), 6 hours (2 permits) and 12 hours (4 permits)

4- There is a Tax, wich mean when your item will be sold, they will charge u 5% of amout you recived!

5- when you put your item in the box there, it automatically choses "avarage" price for it, but the economy of game is in many cases different that auction hauses predictions! thats why change that price at ur own will!

7- to buy something from auction hause chose, anything u desire in the auction item list and then press refresh, button! and see what players is offering!

8- you can see time when auction of curent item will be over, min bid and max bid for buyout, if you press buyout button item automatically become urs without waiting!

8- All items who you purchase, automatically is sent to your Mailbox, and all items you sell/fail to sell goes
in to ur mailbox! Money aswell!

Small tip to players, entry to auction hause is free, and if u go in auction hause from sun city, when u going out u can go to blaze cliff (yeh for free) and save 500 gold or backwards :) enjoy it :D