Newbie Guide

Game Control

Posted in: 05-2-2008           by: ben

  • How to open backpack?

To open your backpack, press B. To use or equip a backpack item such as skill book, potion, weapon, etc, simply right click the item.

  • How to use skills?

Press K to bring up the Skill Window. After you learn your first skill in MWO, you can drag the skill icon from the Skill Window,to one of the function keys F1-F12. To use a skill, simply right click a target to lock, and press the corresponding function key.
You can grow the proficiency level of a skill. The more you practice, the higher proficiency level you can achieve.

  • How to locate some certain NPC?

A local map not only displays the environment and NPCs around you, but also indicates pointers to reach ajacent cities. To get a bird’s eye view of the entire magic land, click on the world map icon, located at the uppper right corner of your game window, right above the + sign.

  • How to view a map?

To open or close a local map, press M or Tab. Left click on a scene or a map location, and your hero will walk over there automatically.

  • How to do system settings?

Press I to open the System Settings panel, and you can set up your unique game style and preference.

  • How to accept quest?

You can accept quests from various NPCs across the magic land. If you see a non-player character (NPC) with a yellow exclamation marks ! over his/her head, you can talk to him/her to accept a quest. Press Q to open the Quest Panel to view all quests that you have accepted. If you fail to complete a quest and you wish to try it a second time, you can abort the quest first and then talk to the quest-giving NPC to start over again.

  • How to combat monsters?

There are three types of monsters, Common, Elite, and Boss. When you kill a monster, you will gain exp. points and gold, and you may pick up some items dropped by the dead monster. You battle cause you to lose some health points and weapon durability. Left click on a monster to apply automatic physical attack. Right click on a monster (or a target) to lock it, and then use a skill function key to apply a skill to the target. To setup a skill function key, open the Skill Panel and then drag a skill to one of the function keys (F1-F12).

  • How to acquire potion supply?

If you need supply of potions, go to a medicine trader to make a purchase, or you can try to make potions on your own. When you kill a monster, it may also drop some potions.

  • How to use gathering skills?

Living skills are categorized into 2 kinds: gathering skills and production skills. To actually use a proficient gathering skill, you need a relevant tool. Right click on the tool to equip it, and then simply click on the material to start gathering. There are 3 kinds of gathering tools. Gathering Cleaver: Used to collect Magic Grass (Lv1), Fire Flower(Lv2), and so forth. The level of Herbs to be collected must not be above the level of your living skill. Mining Pickaxe: Used to dig Flame Crystal-mine(Lv1), Magic Crystal-mine (Lv2) and so forth. The level of mines to be digged must not be above the level of your living skill. Lumber Axe: Used to collect Hardwood (Lv1), Bakelite (Lv2) and so forth. The level of wood that you can lumber must not be above the level of your living skill. Cloth and leather can only be gained from defeating monsters.

  • How to use production skills?

Living skills can be categorized into gathering skills and production skills. Go to the production principal at the main city (Sky City or Sun City). She is always willing to lend her production tool to you so that you can utilize your production skill to produce something meaningful.
1) Alchemy means the production of various potions;
2) Blacksmithing means the production of warrior’s defensive gear;
3) Tailoring means the production of other classes’ defensive gear;
4) Craftsmanship means the production of ornaments, furniture and siege weapons.

  • How to do armor maintenance?

Weapons and armors gradually lose durability during combat. However, their power remain the same until the durability goes to zero. When an item reaches zero durability, it will no longer function. You can repair it at a blacksmith, an armor trader or a medicine trader. The repair fee is related to the extent of the damage. Necklaces, amulets, and rings are permanently immune to loss of durability.

  • How to revive a character?

If you are killed during battle, you can revive yourself by clicking on the dead character, and then select “Revive in City”. You can also choose to wait and hope that someone with a reviving skill will happen to drop by and revive you. The skill to revive other death persons is unique to the class of Summoner.

  • How to choose chat channels?

The game has a very comprehensive in-game chat system. There are multiple chat channels. Simply press the space bar and then tune to the desired channel
/Nearby: Broadcasts your chat to all nearby players.
/Country: Spreads your words across the country.
/Team: Communicates with your teammates.
/Guild: Broadcasts a message to all guildmates, no matter where they are.
/Private: Sends a private message to another player. You can select the player by one of the following methods: 1. click on a player’s name in message history; 2. at the chat prompt, type “/” and then the name; 3. left click a player’s character in game, and his/her avatar will display at the top of the game window. Right click on the avatar and select Private Message.
/System: Shares your questions, suggestions, ideas, or opinions with the Game Master.
/World: Releases your speech to all Dynasty and Empire players.

  • How to sell items by booth or auction house?

1) You can sell items by using the booth function. Simply click on the Booth option in the Backpack Panel, drag an item over from your Backpack into one of the open slots of the Booth Panel, price it, and open the booth to start the selling. When an item is sold, the sales proceeds will go to your Backpack automatically. 2) Via your main city teleporter, you can put an item up for auction (open bid for all Dynasty & Empire buyers). Final delivery of an auctioned items is done by the in-game mail system.

  • How to find quest character?

Some quests will require you to find a target character from hints provided by a quest item. Simply mouse over the quest item, and it’ll instruct you where to go. Reach the coordinates as instructed and then right click on the quest item for a further hint. The target character shall show up after you repeat this for two or three times. In order to save time, you may choose to bring the target character back to the target city by using a Scroll to City. If you are tasked with completing a quest that requires you to escort a VIP to a safe place, don’t go too far away from the VIP, otherwise it’ll be hard for the VIP to follow you.