Newbie Guide

Grow Rich

Posted in: 05-10-2008           by: ben

( This writing is the original work of ZhugeLiang in MWO WiKi. If you have more to share on this topic, please feel free to ADD your words. )

This is a guide for new players on how to grow richer…its just a novice guide and i’m sure you’ll find better ways to earn money in future. This is just the start ^_^

Sell items in the auction:

Selling items in the auction is the best way to earn money as you can still bot while the items are ‘vending’ in the auction. You only need to buy the auction tickets which cost 2000 gold for 10.

Items to sell:

  1. Normal Magic Powder: These are the most sought after powder and easiest to make. People need them to feed their new mounts. You can easily auction 20 of them for 30-40k.

To make easy dust, buy any of the level 7 helmets from the armor trader in sky city. They cost only 314 gold. Then proceed to the ‘Production Principal’ and decompose them. You will receive 1-2 normal dust and a 2% chance to get a ‘Flammable Stone’. The flammable stone can be sold for 10k. You’ll make a hefty profit out of this.

2. Spell Books

Go to Skeleton Caves I or II and leave your bot there. You will have a chance of getting the SB Summon Undead Archer or Cyclone shot which can sell for 400-600k depending on the market.

3. Materials

You can gather materials from monsters such as Silk, leather, hard leather etc etc. These items can be sold to players for good cash too. Just set your bot to pick only these loots while you bot in the ares.

There are still many other ways to earn money in this game…and i’m sure u’ll find out better ones as you move alone. Hope this helps you guys :)